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Is Jana Kramer dating Bachelor Nation’s Graham Bunn?  See his answer

Maybe not single for long.

Only a day after teasing her hot girl summer status on E! New’ Daily pop, Jana Kramer exclusively confirmed his budding romance with Bachelor Nation’s Graham bunn.

“OK, sure we’re in a tangle,” smiled Jana on this morning’s June 11 episode. “We dance the line of friends. We dance the line and I’m happy.”

Just call Daily pop co-host Justin sylvestre “Justin Sleuth-vester” from now on. The E! the personality shared side-by-side Instagram photos of Jana and Graham apparently on the same couch together. Fans have also denounced the duo’s flirtations on social media. Graham even once said he would be “a lucky man to have someone like” Jana.

So how did this couple possibly first meet? the A hill with trees former pop singer has known Graham for seven years through his work at a country radio station. “We’re still friends and we’re just friendly,” she added.

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