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Intrafamilial violence: “An overused medical certificate is an overused victim” – Brittany

One hundred and twenty victims supported, emergency accommodation made available, a telephone available 24 hours a day, seven days a week … In one year of existence, the small Finistère association for the assistance of victims of domestic violence (AAVVIF) has carried out considerable work which earned him praise from many legal professionals.

“Days of ITT that don’t correspond to anything”

Driven by boundless energy, Martine, its president, who almost died under the blows of her ex-spouse, never ceases to seek to improve the care of victims. Saturday, in Pluguffan (29), the AAVVIF organized an interprofessional round table devoted to the medical certificate. “When a beaten person is seen by a doctor, the medical certificate will often be incomplete, imprecise, with days of Temporary Incapacity for Work (ITT) which do not correspond to anything. There is no scale, it’s random depending on the health professional to whom you confide, ”she remarks. The debate evening was open to legal personnel, psychologists and doctors. The ace ! The latter had no representative. And yet, many of them are helpless when it comes to quantifying an abused person’s ITT. Others refuse to do so on principle, or are uncomfortable because they are family doctors, and therefore for each of the spouses …

“Characterize the lesions and determine the offense”

“However, when you have a detailed medical certificate, the look of the police and the gendarmerie is different”, continues Martine. Me Élise Maillot, of the Quimper bar, agrees: “The medical certificate is a basis for filing a complaint, for characterizing the lesions and determining the offense”. The subject is not confined to domestic violence alone: ​​she exhumes the medical certificate of a man beaten by his neighbor. The list of lesions is substantial. “With another doctor, he would have had ten days of ITT. The magistrate was very annoyed in view of the photos of my client… ”.

However, the threshold of eight days of ITT is essential. Below this number, the violence is qualified as light and leads to a fine. Above, they are tort. Many lawyers regret that doctors are not informed about these issues.

The example of the Hôtel-Dieu in Paris

Another pitfall: the medical certificate is largely devoted to physical violence. The psychological repercussions are rarely taken into account. And if it must be, several psychologists have expressed their gene when asked to quantify this type of after-effects. “I cannot take this responsibility. And, sometimes, it is during the expertise that there is decompensation of the patient. Sometimes it’s four years later… ”. The AAVVIF calls for further inter-professional exchanges. “An overused medical certificate is an overused victim,” says Martine, who pleads for the establishment of a scale, as is the case during the treatment of victims at the Hôtel-Dieu in Paris. .

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