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Intermittents invade Pôle emploi to denounce the reform of unemployment insurance – RT in French

Temporary workers invaded the Ile-de-France regional management of Pôle Emploi on April 29 to denounce the reform of unemployment insurance. In France, mobilizations are increasing at the call of unions and intermittent collectives.

This April 29, intermittent employment (intermittent entertainment, tourism, hotel industry, etc.) invaded the regional management of Ile-de-France of Pôle emploi located in Noisy-le-Grand in the region Parisienne in order to protest against the reform of unemployment insurance which is due to come into force on July 1. This reform brings changes to the method of calculating benefits and will be less favorable to job seekers who regularly alternate periods of unemployment with periods of activity.

The demonstrators invaded a room while a meeting of the economic and social committee was underway within the regional agency Pôle Emploi in order to assert their demands. Haranging the officials and employees present and speaking “on behalf of all unemployed people”, a member of the CGT Spectacle declared that on July 1 a reform was going to be implemented, which would plunge them “all and all in misery ”.

Asked at the microphone of RT France, Emmanuelle Collet, member of the Federation of intermittent tourism professions (FMITEC) regrets: “We are obliged to do [des actions] like that to be heard. We tried to send letters, to speak, but we couldn’t make ourselves heard. Elisabeth Borne doesn’t understand the situation, it’s incredible. ”

For several weeks, actions and demonstrations have been increasing in France under the impetus of unions and intermittent collectives. A great day of mobilization had brought together several thousand people on April 23 in several French cities.

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