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Interim: “We wonder where the candidates have gone!  “- Economy

Do you confirm the difficulties encountered by companies in recruiting?

Yes. It is a widespread concern. I hear some companies refuse orders or give up contracts for lack of candidates. They turn to temp agencies thinking that we have a large pool. What is true. Despite this, we are only able to insure half of the requests. We wonder where the candidates have gone!

Do you have no idea?

We have several hypotheses. As a result of the various lockdowns, many people found themselves out of work. Some are still registered with Pôle Emploi and have not found their way back to the temporary employment agencies. There is certainly also retraining in other sectors, candidates who are looking for their way and are thinking, for example, of setting up their own business.

What are the most affected areas or sectors?

Almost all sectors of activity are concerned. Even in the tertiary sector, there is a shortage of qualified candidates, especially in the areas of accounting, payroll and sales administration. From a geographical point of view, Ille-et-Vilaine seems particularly in tension.

To find candidates, will companies have to change their strategy?

When companies turn to us, they often want candidates who meet 120% of their criteria! They are indeed advised today to accept people who are not completely in the profile, by relying on more training or supervision.

Will they also have to consider offering higher wages?

Businesses are surely less blocked than yesterday on this issue. They know they will have to play the game in the months to come if the activity is there and recruitment difficulties persist.

Do candidates have an interest in pushing the doors of temporary employment agencies even if their profile does not correspond to the offers displayed in the window?

Given the multiplicity of requests, I encourage them to come. If only for the exchange and advice. Coming to us is a good way to reflect on your career, its strengths. For unqualified candidates, it is possible to train for jobs in short supply, being aware that this does not mean staying there for life.

* Prism’emploi brings together more than 600 temporary work companies, present throughout the country through their 10,000 employment agencies.