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If calves, cows, pigs and broods will not come to the city this year, the city is invited to come and walk on the farm yards! From February 27 to March 7, dates initially planned for the agricultural fair in Paris, some 200 members of the Confédération paysanne will thus hold a “farm fair”.

“The show is an essential moment in our union life, to meet our fellow citizens, elected officials, members of the government, parliamentarians and our colleagues as well. If that did not take place, it would really be lacking, ”says Véronique Marchesseau, dairy cow breeder in Morbihan and general secretary of the Confédération paysanne (the third largest agricultural union in France).

Among these 200 farms, around twenty “political farms”, where the Confédération paysanne hopes to receive elected officials and members of the government in order to address crucial themes for the future of the profession, such as agricultural education, the next Politics. common agricultural or free trade agreements. The Minister of Agriculture, Julien Denormandie, is thus expected with a firm footing in the Morbihan to inaugurate the operation and discuss the next CAP… But at the latest news, no response from the Minister, and resentment for the “Conf” “.

The open competition relocated to four cities

The Rural Coordination chose to go to Paris on March 4, for an action which aims to denounce “the agricultural malaise”: “The idea is to denounce the farms that are closing, not to build farms. open “, indicates a spokeswoman for the second agricultural trade union of the country, which wishes” to speak about things which annoys “.

Conversely, the FNSEA, the majority union, intends first and foremost “to promote initiatives, to communicate in a positive manner”, via the major national media. The FNSEA will also contribute to the organization of the general agricultural competition, maintained in an “exploded” version within the framework of a “French Agriculture Week”, planned from May 13 to 24 by the organizers of the exhibition. Agriculture, in compensation.

The open competition will be organized in four cities, “so as not to exceed the 1,000-person mark if the virus continues to rage in May,” said Jean-Luc Poulain, president of the Agricultural Show. For health reasons, only the products will be awarded, there will not be the traditional parades of shiny cattle or pigs. Châlons-en-Champagne, Tours, Angoulême and Montpellier will host this institution that is the open competition, which celebrated its 150th anniversary last year.

To taste the farm products, farmers’ markets will also be organized everywhere, “only made in France sold by the producer”, specifies Jean-Luc Poulain. A Parisian particularity, a market of Ile-de-France products and a national market will be held, if all goes well, in the capital. Wines, beers, cheeses and cold meats will be on display in front of the Tuileries garden, on the other side of the banks of the Seine, on May 14 and 15.

Three days of meetings in June

From there, the French will be able to continue on June 18, 19 and 20 with the first National Days of Agriculture, organized in particular by the Agridemain association. An event which aims to welcome 500,000 French people over three days in 5,000 agricultural or agrifood sites in France.

“What we want are days (…) of meetings where the French will discover the heart of the agricultural machine, going to farms, to the food industries, to a tractor factory”, declared Gilles Maréchal, director of this network of 300 farmer-ambassadors.

What about the next show? “We started to prepare it, but a year ago, we had also started to prepare that of 2021 … We hope that the vaccine will cover (the population), but nothing is certain in this matter, so we are waiting” , concludes Jean-Luc Poulain.

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