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Inside TikTok Star Tayler Holder’s Transition to Musical Sensation

E! News: So when you first entered TikTok, was music still your focus?

E: Yeah yeah. So I was making music before I got on TikTok. TikTok took off enormously and exploded out of nowhere. And I rode with that for a while. I was working on the music backstage and teasing a little bit, that I’m going to drop stuff. But, you know, I took a long time [and] really, really figured out what music I want to make and my sound. [I’m] finally coming out of stuff and I don’t think there was any more perfect timing than now.

E! News: So what made you realize this was the right time to start releasing your material? Is there anything that made you believe, OK, now is the time?

E: Over the past year, a year and a half, every time I’ve started popping, I’ve been like, okay, I’m on it. I get it. I have to take it out now because I get so much attention. Right? And I had an amazing team around me that was like, ‘Just trust me, just trust the process. Let’s put a good plan behind it, a good, good team behind it. We have a really, really amazing team behind us, and then a great exit plan. Everything with the first song that really came out, and with my new song too, it went so well, so well and I’m so happy.

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