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Inside the Beltway: Remington gun plant to close, New York’s hostility to 2nd Amendment questioned

A New York Republican calls it “tragic news” — and she remains devastated by the loss of a historic and important business in the Empire State.

“Due to New York State’s radical anti-Second Amendment policies and disastrous business climate, they drove Remington Arms, the nation’s oldest gun manufacturer, out of New York State. The Ilion Remington factory opened in 1828 and is one of the largest employers in Herkimer County, NY-21,” Rep. Elise Stefanik said in a written statement shared with Inside the Beltway.

New York’s 21st Congressional District borders Canada and Vermont and includes the Adirondack Mountains, the Thousand Islands region, and Fort Drum‚ home of the Army’s legendary 10th Mountain Division.

“It’s because of New York Democrats’ unconstitutional gun seizure policies that the nation’s oldest gun manufacturer was driven out of the state. I spoke with local officials and members of the Remington Arms union from the United Mine Workers of America and Local 717 about how we must oppose the state’s failed unconstitutional gun bans from New York. Governor (Kathy) Hochul must stop its unconditional assault on the Second Amendment now,” Ms. Stefanik said.

The historic site will be closed in three months.

“RemArms, the current version of Remington Arms, will close its Ilion facility in early March, according to a letter the company sent to union officials,” notes an article in the Utica Observer-Dispatch newspaper.

“The Company expects operations at the Ilion facility to end on or about March 4, 2024. The Company did not make this decision lightly,” the aforementioned letter said, according to the report.


It was a frank conversation. Host Bream Shannon I had a question for the general. Charles Q. Brownchairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, in an interview on “Fox News Sunday.”

“What message are you sending to the next generation who are willing to join the military, wear the uniform – and more broadly, be excited or encouraged to be a part of it? » she asked the Air Force officer during an interview at the Reagan National Defense Forum, which took place in Simi Valley, California.

“The first thing I point out is just the great opportunity – and the fact that we as a nation are talking about the value of service, whether it’s in uniform, or as a civilian, or whether you’re in the Department of Defense, or in another. part of our government, or in your community,” the general replied.

“I think about the opportunities and the things that young people will have the opportunity to do if they join our armed forces. We need to talk about it. And part of the reason I say that is because I believe that young people always aspire to be what they see or know. If you don’t know about the possibility of serving in the military, you may never pursue this career field,” he continued.

“And so, I would say from my own personal experience, this was all my father’s idea, supported by my mother, and I quote, ‘Four years in the military won’t hurt you,'” observed the general.

General Brown is a command pilot with over 3,000 flight hours, primarily in F-16s, including 130 combat hours. He also flew an additional 20 fixed and rotary wing aircraft and deployed or directly supported Operation Southern Watch, Operation Northern Watch, Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Odyssey Dawn, Operation Unified Protector, and Operation Inherent Resolve, according to his official biography.


“Out of MAGA.”

Democratic National Committee spokesperson Sarafina Chitika he proposed in a written statement released Saturday.

Donald Trump And Ron DeSantis “We are desperately trying to outdo MAGA with incredibly unpopular and dangerous programs that would devastate hardworking families in Iowa and across the country,” she said.

“Ronald and Donald have spent years being each other’s biggest cheerleaders – now they’re putting on their clown shoes, competing to see which of them can wreak the most havoc on families by undermining access to affordable health care, banning abortion nationwide, ending Social Security and Medicare as we know it, and reviving the travel ban for Muslims that failed. Ultimately, Trump and DeSantis are following the same anti-freedom agenda that MAGA voters have rejected time and time again – and it will lead to their downfall next year,” Ms. Chitika said.


“Give up Biden.”

This revealing two-word edict on President Biden appeared on Saturday – and by Sunday morning, it had inspired 17,300 publications on X – and numerous media coverage.

And what’s the backstory here? Headlines from the past 24 hours offer insight: “Muslim leaders in swing states launch campaign to ‘abandon’ Biden in 2024” (Politico); “American Muslims pledge to abandon Biden in 2024 over his stance on Israel-Gaza war” (Al Jazeera); “Group of Muslims from swing states vows to abandon Biden in 2024 over his war stance” (Associated Press); “Group of American Muslim voters vow to abandon Biden over Gaza war” (New York Post); “Muslim Americans face ‘Drop Biden’ dilemma – so who? (Reuters); “US Muslim Leaders Launch Campaign to ‘Ditch’ Biden in 2024” (Yahoo News); and “American Muslim leaders say they are withdrawing support for Biden in 2024 race because of Gaza stance” (The Times of Israel).


• 86% of American voters believe it is “very important” that 2024 presidential candidates talk about inflation.

• 80% say it is very important to them to talk about health care affordability.

• 75% say it is very important to them to talk about Medicare and Medicaid.

• 70% cite access to mental health care and 65% cite immigration as important topics.

• 65% cite gun violence, 64% cite the cost of prescription drugs.

• 53% cite the national opioid crisis, 52% cite abortion.

• 49% cite the future of the Affordable Care Act.

• 48% cite climate change, 44% cite aid to foreign countries.

• 22% cite COVID-19.

SOURCE: An October 2016 Kaiser Family Foundation survey of 1,016 U.S. adults. 31-Nov. 7 and released Friday.

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