Insane temperature request at Vivek Ramaswamy’s office drove staff crazy

Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy says he can manage the heat. It turns out that not only is this not true, but he even loses his temper at times.

During his election campaign, Ramaswamy likes to present himself as someone who has everything under control and can roll with the punches. But former employees of his companies claim that he was a particularly demanding boss, particularly regarding office temperatures, Business Insider reported Friday.

The former employees, speaking anonymously, said Ramaswamy insisted that office thermostats be set at 64 degrees or lower. It was so cold in the offices that people had to wear fleece jackets indoors and use heaters at their desks.

Ramaswamy hired former Army Rangers as bodyguards. At one point, his campaign hired three at once. In addition to ensuring the safety of Ramaswamy and his family, one of the Rangers’ main tasks was to arrive at his hotel rooms before him and ensure that they were cold enough for his liking.

Former employees acknowledged that Ramaswamy is a hard worker, but said he can be quite rigid as a boss. When a colleague suggested that people be allowed to leave early on summer Fridays, Ramaswamy cracked.

“He completely lost his cool and went on a rant about Summer Fridays and how dare anyone ask about that,” one of the former employees said.

Another of Ramaswamy’s requirements was that a portion of cottage cheese be ready and waiting on his desk each morning. If he ordered takeout for lunch, he insisted that his assistant put the food on a plate and serve it to him.

“He believes people are put on this earth to serve him,” a person who has worked closely with Ramaswamy told Insider.

Ramaswamy’s campaign spokesperson confirmed that “Vivek likes it cool” in the office, but denied the other accusations. But the reported behavior actually matches what Ramaswamy has shown of himself so far.

The biotechnology entrepreneur is brash and overconfident, remaining convinced that he is right even when his ideas are wrong. terrible. Ramaswamy openly embraced creation Eminem angry, pushing conspiracy theoriesyielding to autocratic leadersand using his campaign to escape prosecution.

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