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“Influence of Russia or other countries” behind “anti-vaccine groups”?  “Yes”, says Castaner – RT in French

The head of LREM deputies replied in the affirmative to a journalist who asked him if “Russia or other countries” could be behind “anti-vaccine groups”. An authorized form of “conspiracy”?

On the occasion of his visit to the BFM antenna on July 22, Christophe Castaner suggested that countries like Russia participate in increasing the so-called “anti-vaccine” movement in France. To the question: “Behind […] the very active anti-vaccine groups on Facebook, for example there may be an influence from Russia or other countries? ”, the president of the LREM group in the National Assembly responded“ yes ”, assuring that this had already been the case in the context of the Benalla affair.

The reference made by the former Minister of the Interior to an alleged foreign interference which would have allowed to inflate the Benalla affair on social networks echoes a study by the NGO EU DisinfoLab which, in the summer of 2018, had pointed to a “Russophile ecosystem” in the online resonance that the affair revealed by the newspaper had known The world. Abundantly relayed by the press, the study had aroused the circumspection of certain observers such as the French blogger Olivier Berruyer, who then investigated the organization and its founders. UE DisinfoLab subsequently reviewed the findings of its study.

The specter of a supposed Russian influence to which Christophe Castaner acquiesced did not fail to make Internet users react, among whom several media and political personalities quickly stepped up to the plate.

“The conspiracy of power”, “champion”: the critics fuse

“Official conspiracy: Russia leads the opposition to the health pass in France. But what a bunch of grotesque puppets, ”for example criticized Florian Philippot, founder of the Patriots.

“For Castaner, behind the opponents of the sanitary pass there is … Russia!” Who is a conspirator now ??? ”, asked the MEP of the National Rally Gilbert Collard.

“The conspiracy of power,” commented Charles-Henri Gallois, founder of the Generation Frexit movement.

“He’s a champion. “Foreign powers”, “quipped the former president of Sud Radio, Didier Maïsto.

“These media and politicians who spend their time treating people as ‘conspirators’ say that Russia is organizing a conspiracy in France around vaccination!”, For his part reacted the economist and former parliamentary assistant RN Philippe Murer.

“As if we needed Russia to reason less well than an empty bottle,” blogger Korben still had fun.

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