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“Inflation shouldn’t be taboo for food products” – Economy

How can Sodiaal better remunerate its breeders?

We have increased charges of 15 to 18 € per thousand liters on farms and increases in our processing costs of around 50% on plastics, 20% on cardboard boxes. To pay our members well, we need to cover all of these increases. There is a real challenge for the 2022 price negotiations. We need significant increases, of 5 to 7%, and that they reach the consumers if they are to be sustainable.

Should consumers expect more expensive milk?

The Egalim bill 2 aims to secure upstream prices, on condition that they can be passed on to our distribution customers. The deputies carried the requests for cooperation in this direction. We ask that the law can go further so that private labels have the obligation to commit to contractual volumes. Inflation should not be taboo for food products: on a carton of milk at 83 cents, it is a maximum of 6 cents increase, less than 5 € per year for a household.

The responsible milk Candia did not work, however.

For us it is not a failure. It made it possible to bring this subject to the consumer. We will take up the subject again by redirecting these efforts towards the renewal of generations. Another way to explain to consumers that they are needed for the challenges of tomorrow.

Sodiaal will downgrade 10% of organic milk. Do you think you went too fast in conversions ?

From the start, we have been extremely vigilant about the match between supply and demand. This year, two phenomena have combined. We have seen a stop in the progression of consumption. In July, the drop was 9.6%. The exceptional climatic year for grass created a new dynamic, with 15 million liters of extra milk. The two combined have resulted in a need to manage in the short term. On the other hand, we are confident in the medium term. The other stakeholders are called upon to do the same and to ensure this supply / demand balance.

What do you expect from the takeover of Yoplait?

In terms of volumes, that doesn’t change much, we had a milk contract for the brand. But it will bring back added value and investment resources to seek even more added value. This is the whole point of our strategy.

What will be the future of your Carhaix (29) site?

The other side of development is infant milk. Synutra has invested in a very nice tool. We bought it two years ago at a time when we had low infant milk capacities. It will take time, but this tool must be filled with the development of our market and the supply of milk base to Synutra. Delivery has just resumed at the beginning of August. If the infant milk market has experienced a slowdown, with a less dynamic Chinese market due to a drop in the number of births, we will remain, with such a tool, among the market players in Asia, the Middle East and Europe. .