INE advisors disapproved of the 4T YouTuber using the meeting room to record a podcast

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After the scandal unleashed by the propagandist of the self-called Fourth Transformation (4T), Juncal Solano, for using the meeting room of the General Counsel of the National Electoral Institute (INE) as a setting to record a podcast with the Morena representative before said body, Euripides Flores, the electoral authorities have already spoken out on the matter.

Through their of the INE must respect the principles of equity and impartiality in the contest.

In this sense, Ravel pointed out that it was an unprecedented event and they were informed that the head of the INE communication area, José Romo, did not request authorization for it:

“I had never before known of a case in which the General Council room (without a session) was used by a party to conduct an interview. We have been informed that it was an “error of interpretation” by a person who heads an area, who is new to the position, who made the decision without consulting her superiors.

(Photo: Twitter/INEMexico)
(Photo: Twitter/INEMexico)

For his part, Councilor Rivera asserted that “There is no good reason for anyone to have authorized the use of the General Council room for that purpose.”

In this regard, citizens, journalists and analysts have requested through networks a sanction for the INE communication manager, as well as for those involved, since never before had a political party used the INE facilities to carry out propaganda.

“The General Council room is not a public space, as the substitute says, as one of the many inaccuracies that are said (…) Why does Morena now assume and exercise those ‘freedoms’?” wrote the reporter from Milenio TV, Jannet López Ponce.

However, Juncal Solano responded by ensuring that the annoyance of journalists and specialists is because now the INE “belongs to the people.”

“Transcendental changes (sic) in the Institutions, now they belong to the people, they are attainable and accessible; “That bothers and bothers the traditional media and the leaders who believed they were the owners of them.”

“For the lady who is out there saying that the premises were misused, I invite her to inform herself,” he added.

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