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Indianapolis HGTV star pranks porch pirates

HGTV’s “Good Bones” Mina Starsiak Hawk battles parcel thieves.

INDIANAPOLIS – Some crooks targeting Fountain Square homes may have recently picked the wrong porch.

After a series of porch robberies at the home of local HGTV star Mina Starsiak Hawk, she decided to play a little prank on thieves with a creative crime response.

Hawk tackles issues head-on while rehabilitating homes on HGTV’s “Good Bones” and through Two Chicks & a Hammer with his mother.

So when her own home in Indianapolis was hit by thieves, with crooks captured by a surveillance camera, she got creative with a clever little trap.

“We get packages all the time, but in the last two weeks we’ve stolen four,” Hawk said. “Sometimes these are baby pacifiers, it’s not going to be super exciting when they get them. But it’s still frustrating because it’s invasive. I have a camera that’s easily visible and I catch them looking at them. do it every time, because we see the door open. And we’re just a little bit fed up. So that’s usually my answer, just, you know, let’s find the humor in it and if they want to bother us , we’re going to piss them off. “

Hawk turned the tide on the porch pirates by putting boxes with a surprise inside.

“I bought a few pranks from Amazon and got a box that looks like a spider and also got the mega glitter bomb that hasn’t arrived yet,” said Hawk. “So if whoever takes our packages sees this, just warn that’s what’s going to happen.”

And as she documented on Instagram, at least one thief took a bite of the hook last week.

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“As soon as we wrapped the package and put it on the porch that night it was taken,” she said. “Unfortunately, you can’t see the reaction, but I hope I got the message, I don’t know.”

She’s pretty sure the content worked as expected. After all, she performed pranks on her son.

In the video she shared, he got a pretty scare when this spider came out of the box.

Hawk has since received many suggestions on what to put on the porch next.

“After I posted this video on social media, you don’t know how many hundreds of posts that said, ‘you take those diapers of shit out of the bucket of shit.’“ You take your dog’s poop and put it on. all in a box. ”I’m like you don’t know we’ve tried this before,” she said with a laugh. “We tried to put poo in a box once, but it rained, so it didn’t shake, so we abandoned ship on it.”

Granted, she admits that an $ 8 plastic spider won’t recover its stolen items and lead to an arrest. She filed a police report after the first robbery, but hopes the prank will make thieves think twice before hitting her in her home again.

A sporadic surprise might just be the next package on her porch.

“You could have a spider. You could have a glitter bomb. You could have baby poop. I don’t know! I’m sure that pissed him off a little and I hope they eventually do. stop, ”she said.

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