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‘Inaudible’ 9/11 parade float features smoking Twin Towers, Indiana video shows

A float from the 9/11 memorial parade unveiled at a festival in a small town in Indiana on Saturday raised eyebrows and sparks outrage.

The tank, sponsored by Republicans from Valparaiso, features the Twin Towers with smoke rising from them, with a black hole in each that appears to represent where planes flew into buildings in the attacks, which ultimately claimed 2,977 lives, including those from the Pentagon attack and the Pennsylvania crash.

“We have worked so hard to show our love, respect, sorrow and respect to all the victims of 9/11, to the soldiers who died in Afghanistan and to our first responders,” the Republicans of Valparaiso said in a Facebook post. .

Comments on the post are overwhelmingly positive, but comments have been limited. And other posts showing the 9/11 posting appear to have been pulled from the organization’s page.

“Truly amazing, you make us old Republicans very proud of us. Thanks! ”One commentator said.

“Wow, I was out of town, but what an amazing job you did. I am so proud of my Republicans. It was a huge job. Thank you, ”said another.

But for many, the sight of the Twin Towers smoldering in the back of a trailer driving down the street was not as gloomy as it was disturbing.

“It’s so deaf and disrespectful,” said one commentator.

The video shared on YouTube captures the reactions from inside the crowd to the passing of the float. (Disclaimer: The video contains strong language.)

“A bit of fuck”, we hear a festival-goer. ” What- ? Are you-? What are you doing ? “

In a statement to McClatchy News, Porter County GOP Chairman Michael Simpson said the festival float “was inspired by the courage and sacrifice of those we lost on September 11, 2001 and recently in Kabul. , in Afghanistan, “adding that he and his colleagues intended” to dedicate our tank not to politics and candidates, but to innocent civilians, first responders and the brave servicemen who perished and whom we will never forget. memories. “

“We wanted no disrespect and regret that our tribute to the lives lost and to those who continue to serve was viewed by some in bad taste,” the statement said.

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