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In which cases will it be necessary to present a health pass?  – Coronavirus

  • 1 What does the health pass consist of?
  • Mentioned for more than two months, the health pass will come into force on June 9 in France. “This pass, which will be paper or digital, via the TousAntiCovid application, will make it possible to show that one is vaccinated or tested negative in the two days preceding”, explained this week Emmanuel Macron in the interview with the regional daily press.

    Already, on March 17, the European Commission presented its draft health certificate. Authenticated using a QR code, this document will certify that its holder has been vaccinated against covid-19, has passed a negative PCR test or is immune to having already been infected. Other information on this certificate: name, date of birth, gender or passport number.

    The health pass will never be a right of access that differentiates the French

  • 2 Where will it be mandatory?
  • The President of the Republic gave some answers: “In places where crowds mix, such as stadiums, festivals, fairs or exhibitions, it would be absurd not to use it”. On the other hand, Emmanuel Macron ensures that its use will not become widespread: “The health pass will never be a right of access that differentiates the French. It could not be compulsory to access the places of everyday life such as restaurants, theaters and cinemas, or to go to friends’.

    The Head of State knows that this is a sensitive subject: “As it is our public freedoms, Parliament will take up the issue. The debate must be open ”.

  • 3 What about travel?
  • The sanitary pass has already been tested for a week on certain flights to Corsica. On the antenna ofEurope 1This Friday, Cédric O, the Secretary of State in charge of Digital, referred to this document as “a key to freedom”, specifying that it would be required to travel overseas and abroad.

    The European Parliament also voted on Thursday in favor of the health certificate to allow travel within the EU. The text must now be debated at the level of the European Council, which brings together the Heads of State or Government of the Member States. The Commission wants this system to be operational before the end of June. The goal, according to its president Ursula von der Leyen : “Restore freedom of movement in a safe, responsible and trustworthy manner”.

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