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In Trégunc, Pendruc beach, it’s “as if we were swimming in gel!  ” – Brittany

“As if we were swimming in gel! It was unpleasant! “. On the beach of Pendruc, in Trégunc, the “sea currants” did not leave an unforgettable memory on Tuesday. Accustomed as vacationers are still marked by their swim the day before.

Like these residents, Marie-Yvonne, Denise, her grandson Cylian and Maryvonne who had never before observed such a stranding on their favorite beach on Monday. These “little white and transparent marbles”, “like tadpoles by the thousands” left them speechless. “My husband heard it was seaweed”, “No jellyfish! », Retorts another beach attendant who came to invite herself into the conversation.

These funny invaders did not, however, prevent summer visitors and locals from going for a dip in the turquoise water. “Someone told us it wasn’t stinging and it was so hot… It was impossible to stay on your towel,” Denise replies. “We swam like that, in it. And it went very far! My husband went further than these blocks and it just kept going! », Continues Marie-Yvonne, indicating the open sea. “Even the rocks were slimy! », Adds Denise, before pouting:« Frankly it spoiled the pleasure of bathing a little, »she sighs.

We especially thought that the tourists were going to get the hell out of it

“A stranding of breast prostheses”

What feed the conversations and trigger some laughter between these friends of Pendruc. “Some marbles were really, really big. We began to imagine that there had been a failure of breast prostheses, it really had the texture! », Laugh the Trégunoises. “We especially thought that tourists were going to get the hell out of it,” they report.

Verification made: the beach was still as busy this Tuesday afternoon. At the foot of the waves, no trace of “sea currants”, spread, ready to surprise other swimmers.

On Monday, thousands of sea currants invaded several beaches in Finistère-Sud, including that of Pendruc in Trégunc. (The Telegram / Guirec Flécher)

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