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In the Netherlands, Thierry Baudet, figure of the radical right, must throw in the towel

He seriously thought that his party, the Forum for Democracy (FvD), could come to power in 2021. But now he himself, its founder and leader, deserted: Thierry Baudet, figure of the Dutch radical right, on Monday, November 23, gave up leading the list of his party during the legislative elections of March 2021. And, the next day, he gave up the presidency.

In question, anti-Semitic, homophobic comments praising the economic successes of the Hitler regime formulated on a WhatsApp group by Freek Jansen, a close friend of Mr. Baudet, president of the youth section of the party (JFvD). FvD executives, worried about this slide towards neo-Nazism, demanded from their leader that he clearly distance himself from his protégé and friend. In a message on social networks, Mr. Baudet condemned the references to the far right, but he mainly reserved his criticism for the media which, according to him, have initiated an unfair trial against Mr. Jansen.

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Disowned Tuesday, while he claimed the day before that he could still be on his party’s list in March 2021, the deputy however believes that he has none “Not finished with politics, with the Forum or with the Netherlands”. The FvD office indicates, in any case, that it has “ without ambiguity “ taken, ” until further notice “, its distances from the youth section, which is no longer officially recognized.

Vertiginous fall

End of career for the young intellectual, passed from a harsh criticism of the European Union to that of “mass immigration”, policies in favor of the climate and the wearing of masks? Some Dutch observers doubt it, but it is not certain that Mr. Baudet will be able to recover after such a slide. His party also suffered a dizzying drop in voting intentions after dreaming of competing with Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD).

The latest polls promise him 6 seats out of the 150 in the Second Chamber, for 44 in Mr. Rutte’s party. While the Party for Freedom (PVV) of Geert Wilders regains color, with the promise of 21 seats. The populist and anti-Islam MP is clearly benefiting from the collapse of his right-wing competitor.

However, all hopes seemed permitted to M. Baudet who, when he arrived on the public scene, confided to a newspaper: “I think it is necessary that I become prime minister. ” It was true that he had struck a big blow: taking, in 2016, the head of a campaign against the European Union-Ukraine Association Treaty, he had succeeded in winning the no in a referendum and freeze the ratification of this text for many months.

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