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In Rennes, the Avril group harassed by L214?  – Rennes

The Avril group, installed in Bruz (35) near Rennes, is he harassed by the animal protection association L214, known for its punching actions in slaughterhouses or henhouses? In any case, these are the terms used by Florian Bachelier in a interview granted today to Valeurs Actuelles. Asked more generally about the place of the debate of ideas in France today – he proposes for example to put an end to “the militias” of the politically correct – the deputy LREM of Ille-et-Vilaine details the setbacks encountered by the food group specializing in table oils (Lesieur) and eggs (Matins).

Standard blocked and mass sending of emails

“In my constituency, a large Breton agrifood company came to me a few months ago to make me aware of its situation. This is the Avril group, an international food giant, whose managers and employees have been harassed on social networks since the animalist association L214 released a video showing “cows à portot”, a research technique. which can certainly challenge but which is strictly supervised. “

And to cite other consequences of this lobbying work on the life of the company: standard blocked and mass sending of e-mails. Enough to encourage the Avril group to initiate legal proceedings. “But they know that the legal agenda is not enough to repair a reputation. They therefore also need media and political support, ”concludes Florian Bachelier. Finally joining the deed to the word through this interview with Valeurs Actuelles.

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