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In Quimper, this cashier denounces the aggressiveness of some customers – Quimper

A few days ago, you denounced on social networks the increase in “unpleasant behavior” of certain customers vis-à-vis the staff of supermarkets. Why this need to talk about it?

I was upset with the attitude some people had that day. It wasn’t even to me, but to two of my colleagues, who are very kind young people, one of whom is just starting out in the profession. They got… yelled at, that’s the term.

What happened ?

My colleague’s phone rang and she made a small remark, saying that she had a lot of people at her cash register, that she could not answer… She probably wanted to make a bit of humor, but it wasn’t has not happened. The client replied that if she was not happy to be there, she had only to give up her place to others, change jobs… Usually, when I see a young colleague being assaulted, I ‘intervene. There, I was taken aback.

Why did you tell this episode in particular on the networks?

It was the last straw! We hold on, again and again (…). But at the start of the crisis, people respected us. Now everything is theirs. People come to run their nerves on us (…). Some are more nervous. They need everything, now. And social distancing is not always respected. They huddle together, thinking they’ll go through the cashier more quickly. (…) It’s been a year since we, too, have been wearing a mask all the time. We don’t say anything, we do our job and try to do it as best as possible (…). What we are asking for is respect.

Do you often find yourself dealing with aggressive clients?

Personally, no. Twice a year, maybe, I can have a fight with someone… I am a person who tries to smooth things over, who goes in the direction of the customer, so that he is happy. I learned to do it (…). Except that there are sometimes, like that day, people who start yelling at us, without our understanding why (…). I also have a client who assaulted another of my clients, who said absolutely nothing. Even between them, it becomes terrible (…). We have our regulars, of course, who are very friendly, courteous, who talk to us. But next door, we have a lot of people passing by, without a hello, without a goodbye.

Even more, you say, from the beginning the first confinement.

Yes, there are more. I would say that before, we had maybe 2% of people dissatisfied… Now, we have come to 5% who are aggressive. I’m talking about aggression.

What discourages you from doing this job, sometimes?

Sometimes. Fortunately, it’s not every day… But that doesn’t prevent me from coming back, in a good mood. Even if I confess that that day, yes, I was disgusted. Because these customers were perhaps tired … But we too are! We live the same thing as them. But I don’t think we’re as rude as they are.

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In the city center of Quimper, “respectful” customers

Françoise Tranchant, at Cado-Cuir.

Gloomy customers or even more nervous than usual, no doubt tired of all these restrictions imposed for a year now? In the city center of Quimper, the traders questioned touch wood. At the moment, they don’t have much to complain about.

In the city center, the traders questioned do not complain too much: customers generally respect barrier gestures.The Telegram / Sophie Benoit

Place Saint-Corentin, in her store that smells of leather and overflows with handbags and other leather goods, Françoise Tranchant says nothing else. Here, no more than four people can enter at the same time. And to hear it, they now readily lend themselves to the rules. “In general, they are concerned about barrier gestures, really wait outside when they see that there are too many people inside. There is a respect on their part that I appreciate, ”confides the manager of Cado-Cuir, whose mask cannot hide the smile. A mask that has certainly “changed the relationship” between the merchant and the customer. “We are in a bubble,” she notes. We no longer perceive things the same way. We don’t see anymore, we don’t get along well. It’s disturbing “. So yes, some customers maybe talk less than before, seem more rude. But for the shopkeeper, “it is above all because of the mask”.

At Pola, regular customers are smiling again with the arrival of the new, colorful collection.The Telegram / Sophie Benoit

A few streets away, at Pola, a ready-to-wear store for women, Céline Glorennec also salutes the attitude of her customers, despite this heavy climate. “We always have people who are less polite than others, but that doesn’t mark my days. Here, we have a clientele of regulars, who come to have fun ”… And the atmosphere suffers.

Doriane, at the Les Pépettes store.The Telegram / Sophie Benoit

No tension felt either on rue Kéréon, at Les Coquettes and its neighbors opposite, Les Pépettes. “People are respectful,” also explains Franck Dages. They are really careful. And we see that there has been an awareness ”. The boss, however, notes a “stress”, which appears regularly at the end of the day. At the stroke of 5 pm in particular: “We see that people run to return before the curfew,” he explains. But otherwise, it’s calm ”.

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