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In Quimper, the halls will move 230 meters further – What future for the halls of Quimper?

This is a historic decision that was validated this Thursday evening by elected Quimper in extraordinary municipal council after nearly five hours of debates: the destruction of the halls of Quimper, whose state of dilapidation is consensus, and the construction of a food house 230 meters away, along the Steir. Thus following the will of the new mayor Isabelle Assih (PS) who had surprised his world in February by adding to the long envisaged scenario of a renovation that of a destruction-reconstruction on another site.

Instead of private boxes

This file of the halls, devastated by fire in 1976 then rebuilt, poisoned many Quimper mandates, from Bernard Poignant to Ludovic Jolivet who, in March 2019, initiated a referendum on its destruction. Almost 63% of voters answered no, but the turnout (20.33%) made this election simply consultative.

The City has appointed an extra-municipal commission to decide between a renovation on site and a move. The positions taken by each camp have been numerous in recent weeks within the population, demonstrating the attachment of the Quimper residents to their halls. At 78%, the commission finally decided for a transfer.

The council validated this Thursday the future location, just after the Médard bridge, at the start of the Glacière car park, on a 1,500 m2 site currently occupied by around forty private boxes. “We are going to seek to extend the city center which is not intended to remain eternally withdrawn into itself” indicated the mayor of Quimper.

The future halls of Quimper will be erected in place of the forty or so boxes located on rue de la Providence. (The Telegram / Yves Madec)

A covered Place Saint-François

Thirty stalls of 12 to 15 m2 are announced in this future food house which will cost nearly 6 M €. Its opening is scheduled for 2026. And the Place Saint-François in all this? When the traders have left the premises, the demolition work of the halls from 18 to 24 months can start to clear space and in particular allow the terraces to expand. Cost: € 4 million.

In Quimper, the halls will move 230 meters further – What future for the halls of Quimper?
(Hub Architects)

But not everything will be destroyed. The Quimpérois having shown their attachment to its framework, it should be kept to serve as a shelter to a part of this new place that the mayor wishes above all to be fun.

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