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In Quimper, by bike, Anne Hidalgo overtook the cars – Quimper

A cohort of journalists who came especially to Brittany for its Basques, members of his cabinet and communicators not far away, several elected from the Quimper majority for the welcoming committee… The mayor of Paris is in Quimper for two days and that’s happening. is seen this Thursday morning at the train station.

(The Telegram / Yves Madec)

Officially in Cornwall at the invitation of her Quimper counterpart from the PS Isabelle Assih, the mayor of Paris is continuing her Tour de France to meet the mayors of the territories with, as a backdrop, the supreme ambition.

In Quimper, after a presentation of the future multimodal exchange hub, Anne Hidalgo took an (electric) bike ride to get to the city center. “We are in a city that bets on cycling,” she explained. Not everyone can do without a vehicle, but everyone is forced to change their modes of travel otherwise the planet will no longer be liveable and breathable. Those who can cycle, they have to go there ”.

In Quimper, by bike, Anne Hidalgo overtook the cars – Quimper
(The Telegram / Yves Madec)

“A courageous and humanist woman”

Asked about the national ambitions of the mayor of Paris, Isabelle Assih, who recalled the Quimper fight to connect the two cities by train in less than three hours, assured that she had “all confidence” in Anne Hidalgo. “France needs a new offer, and she represents it very well, she is a courageous and humanist woman”.

This Thursday afternoon, the same crew will go to the Entech company, Quimper’s flagship of energy transition. They will visit the Kerjequel ground-based photovoltaic power plant project. Moments of strolling in the city center are also planned. On Friday, the mayor of Paris will visit the Coudraie market gardeners farm.

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