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In Plouhinec, the nightclub turns into a bar to reopen – Plouhinec (56)

“A nightclub and a bar, it’s the same principle, but it’s not exactly the same thing! »Behind the huge Bash Club counter in Plouhinec (56), Marjolaine Le Gourrierec is busy. He has two hours left before the arrival of the first customers. Her husband, Franck, makes the final adjustments on the DJ platform. However, tonight, no one will be on the decks. And the mirror ball will stand still. Since this Friday and for a few weeks, the Bash is no longer a nightclub but a simple bistro. “We’re ready! It’s not quite our real job yet, but we’re getting closer, ”smiles the boss.

The last time revelers came to dance here was in February 2020. A few days before the discovery of the very first Morbihan cluster. Sixteen months later, Franck Le Gourrierec is still struggling to achieve. “We never thought it would last so long,” he breathes. He thinks back to those long weeks of going around in circles and pondering. Yet the one who, sixteen years ago, was the youngest nightclub owner in France, is not one to lament.

“We’ve been waiting for sixteen months! “

From the summer of 2020, the couple are trying to transform their establishment into a bar. Without success. “We wanted to reinvent ourselves but we didn’t have the right for security reasons. While the standards of nightclubs are higher than those of bars and restaurants, ”annoys the merchant.

Franck and Marjolaine do not give up. They immediately put together a case and arm themselves with patience. “We took four and a half months to get the authorization. We got it in November. Right when all the bars have closed ”. To cope, Franck then accepts a job as a pizza delivery man. A position he will occupy for seven months. But always with the hope of finding his job as soon as possible. “During all this time, we just wanted the state to give us a reopening date. We’ve been waiting for sixteen months! “, Squeaks the couple, who say they still do not understand” in what way we are more dangerous than other businesses.

Marjolaine and Franck Le Gourrierec in the patio of their nightclub. (The Telegram / Dominique Morvan)

No dancing

In their heads, there is no doubt that the Bash will become a nightclub again. In July or later. In the meantime, they have converted their smoking area into a comfortable patio with benches and transformed 400 m2 of parking into a terrace with an inflatable structure for children. And they must apply the same protocol as the bars: with hydroalcoholic gel, mask to move around and room service. But also, ban on dancing! The track is also squatted by high tables and stools. They face the giant screen installed to watch Euro football matches. All matches in France will be broadcast. Never seen before at the Bash!

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