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In Plestin-les-Grèves, should the death of the dog Moggly be of concern?  – Lannion


The Safeguarding Association of Trégor Goëlo Penthièvre accompanies the owner of the Moggly dog ​​who died after a walk on Saint-Efflam beach, in Plestin-les-Grèves, on September 12. The necropsy did not reveal a link with the green algae. The association, led by Yves-Marie Le Lay, made contact on Monday with the laboratory Labocéa de Quimper who made it. The latter should initiate analyzes with a Strasbourg laboratory capable of detecting the presence or absence of hydrogen sulphide (H2S), if the conservation of the tissues allows it.

Authorities arrested

In the immediate future, the Safeguarding of Trégor Goëlo Penthièvre association will support the funding of this research in organ tissues (including the liver, lungs), while hoping that the authorities will take over. This Monday, Yves-Marie Le Lay challenged, by a letter, the mayor of Plestin-les-Grèves, Christian Jeffroy: “The association is asking you” to ask as quickly as possible for advice and assistance from theRegional health agency, to participate or even better, to bear the costs of research for hydrogen sulphide in the samples preserved to date. “

Other victimized dogs

In his letter, President Yves-Marie Le Lay mentions several similar accidents on the same day: “Two dogs died after having walked the beach of Saint-Efflam on September 12. A third would have manifested the same symptoms, but would not have succumbed, he explains. It is your responsibility to establish the cause of these accidents as quickly as possible and also to avoid the repetition of others ”. “The suspicions of our association are on hydrogen sulfide, resulting from the decomposition of green algae on the surface and in sandy sediments”, argues Yves-Marie Le Lay who carried out, this Monday, measurements of H2S on the beach of Saint-Efflam. “I found traces of it on heaps of algae in riprap, at the bottom of the beach, at rates that were not phenomenal, ranging from 5 to 20 ppm,” he recounts.

The agglomeration took up the case

“We are not in the ostrich policy, declares Annie Bras-Denis, vice-president in charge of the environment at Lannion-Trégor Community, a community responsible for collecting algae in the Lieue de Grève. At the end of last week, the services of LTC took measurements in Saint-Efflam and did not observe any release of H2S. But our concern is to see if despite everything, the dog still inhaled hydrogen sulfide. The agglomeration is ready to finance analyzes. But we do not know if the tissue samples were taken from the outset in good conditions to allow reliable investigations later ”.

“If we are clear about it, we can take action. On the other hand, if we do not have scientific information, we remain in the register of emotion, ”she comments.