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in Paris, the Stalingrad district, the scene of fireworks mortars – RT in French

Several residents denounced on the networks the mortar fire which occurred during two nights on April 30 and May 1, in a place frequented by crack users. Police say the perpetrators are exasperated residents.

Several residents of the Stalingrad district, in the 19th arrondissement of Paris, testified about the networks of fireworks mortars that occurred two nights during April 30 and May 1. Several sources, including police, tell the Figaro that the perpetrators of the shootings are said to be residents who are overwhelmed by the nuisance caused by the influx of crack users in and around Stalingrad Square.

“These mortar shots are the dangerous expression of a feeling of revolt, which is understandable,” explained the PS mayor of the arrondissement, François Dagnaud, on a daily basis. “Every night, they are subjected to regroupings of hundreds of traffickers and drug addicts, who operate in full view of everyone. The security system in this neighborhood is totally undersized, and these mortar shootings are a new alert on the gravity of the situation, “he said, adding that” this weekend, a threshold of violence was reached. exceeded ”.

LR borough councilor Marie Toubiana wrote on May 2 on Twitter that Avenue de Flandre, “the residents, left to their own devices for years, without being heard, in despair, are firing mortars on consumers”. “It has been a long time since local residents’ groups have voiced their difficulties. They met on several occasions and, during these meetings, some clearly evoked the fact of coming to more radical solutions ”, recalls Pierre Liscia, spokesperson for the“ Free! ”Party. of the president of the region Valérie Pécresse, always with the Ile-de-France newspaper.

Stalingrad Square and its surroundings are a historic meeting point for crack users. In recent months, exasperated residents have renamed it “Stalincrack” because the number of people there has reached record levels, despite the successive evacuations of several drug addiction camps, including the famous “Crack Hill”. Nearby Figaro, François Dagnaud declared that the district was facing “serious problems linked to the constitution of a national and European crack scene in the middle of Paris”, which requires “a more reactive and severe police-justice response on trafficking”.

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