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In Paris, many faithful without masks during a mass – France

First posted on Youtube, the video has since been removed from newspapers, starting with The Parisian, wondered about the lack of respect for barrier gestures. We could indeed see a crowd of faithful gathered there without distancing or masks. Another image that seems to have emerged from before the crisis: a priest, himself unmasked, gives the host directly into the mouths of the communicants.

This Easter vigil was held at the Saint-Eugène-Sainte-Cécile church, in the ninth arrondissement in Paris. Contacted by The Parisian, the diocese rebelled against these practices: “Obviously, during this Mass, no health instructions were respected. We totally dissociate ourselves from this type of behavior, which does not comply with the rules given by the government. We will notify the people responsible for this Mass and will, internally, take action. “

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