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In Paimpol, the 15th edition of the Sailor’s Song festival postponed to 2023 – Paimpol

In Paimpol, Pierre Morvan and his team wanted to believe in it until the end. Unfortunately, they have decided to lower the flag. The 15th edition of sailor song festival will not be able to be held in August on the quays of Paimpol. It is postponed to 2023. “We believed in it for a long time. We’ve been hoping for a long time… We’ve been through times of doubt, then regained confidence, then… Optimists… Cautiously optimistic… Desperately optimistic… And today, just desperate. And above all, sad. Very sad ”, testifies Pierre Morvan, president of the Paimpolais festival.

“Very constrained framework”

The postponement of the 15th edition is obvious today. “Government announcements, including the most recent (health pass, etc.) make it impossible to hold a large number of festivals, especially the Sailor’s Song festival. The spirit of the festival – a large multicolored mix on the port of Paimpol, a free and festive movement, friendly and family, between the different stages, between the different events – cannot be confined within this very constrained framework. The last edition of the Sailor’s Song attracted some 165,000 spectators in four days to the port of Paimpol.

” We have delayed the decision as much as possible, hoping, with the progress of vaccination, a possible decline of the pandemic. It is clear that this is not the case. The necessary collective immunity thresholds will very probably not be reached for the month of August, ”continues Pierre Morvan. In this context, the Songs of the Sailors will remain silent this year. “A different decision could endanger the sustainability of our event. “

“It’s heartbreaking”

It will therefore be necessary to wait two years for world music to sweep over Paimpol. “Our hearts go out to the intermittents, artists and technicians, who are unemployed for a second season. With them, for them, we claim a new white year. They go to our providers, who have shown a lot of understanding. To our volunteers, many of whom have already joined us. To the boats and crews, many of whom have already registered. And to you, festival-goers, who have been patient while waiting for our decision. »Those who have already purchased their tickets or packages should know quickly the terms of repayment.

“It is heartbreaking, of course, to make this announcement today which will deprive our territory of important resources, which are nevertheless more necessary than ever. And our city, our port, of these intense and luminous moments. But it will be better to come back. See you soon ! », Concludes Pierre Morvan. In 2023, the festival will keep the same theme with a substantially identical program.

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