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In Loudéac, Mizioù sanitary napkins for the first period – Loudéac

A fun packaging, a mascot on a skateboard and a nice name, “Breton, absolutely”: Amélie Trémoulu, manager of Bocal attitude, in Loudéac, founded “Mizioù”, washable sanitary napkin kits for the first period. “It means ‘menstruation’ in Breton, and I found that super cute,” she slips.

Dramatize the first rules

Each kit contains a panty liner, a daytime sanitary napkin, a nighttime sanitary napkin, a waterproof pouch to store the used napkin and an accessory. The idea germinated at the beginning of the year. “I had very good feedback on the woman’s towels that I sell, and my clients came to inquire about their teenagers. They found it a shame that these protections were not suitable for young girls, ”recalls Amélie Trémoulu.

I hadn’t been very prepared when I was young. Today I have two young daughters at home and I wouldn’t want it to be the same for them.

It is a discussion with a client that creates the trigger. “She had lived in America, and she told me that there, when a young girl has her period for the first time, they throw a party, and give her products. I thought it was awesome! », Remembers Amélie Trémoulu. Neither one nor two, she had three prototypes made, adapted to the morphology of young girls, and even adjustable. The goal: to play down, engage in discussion around a subject that is sometimes taboo. “Personally, I was not very prepared when I was young. Today I have two young daughters at home and I wouldn’t want it to be the same for them, ”she explains.

Each kit contains a night towel, a day towel, a panty liner, a waterproof case and an accessory. “In addition, when the young girl will have grown up, she will always be able to reuse the pouch for something else,” imagines Amélie Trémoulu. (The Telegram / Marie Pomme)

Soft bamboo

On the composition side, exit toxic materials. Everything is “clean”: the part in contact with the skin is made of bamboo microfibers (it’s very soft!), The outer part is waterproof and the absorbent part inside is bamboo sponge. . Good for the body, but also for the planet, since these protections can last for years, and for the wallet: it is an investment, but it pays off in the long term. And on the maintenance side, it’s not very complicated: at home, you have to rinse the towel, then wash it normally with the rest of the laundry. “Up to 40 °, but on the other hand, without fabric softener”, recommends Amélie Trémoulu. “Do not put them in the dryer and avoid homemade detergents which may reduce absorption”.

If she qualifies these covers as “discovery”, Amélie Trémoulu does not intend to stop there. “I am already thinking of other kits, always for young girls. For example news with several towels exclusively for the day, or just panty liners… I just have to find a Breton clothing workshop to make them in series ”.


On orders for now, at the Bocal attitude store in Loudéac, at € 55 per kit.