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In Lorient, the cry of alarm from a fisherman before the meeting with the Minister of the Sea – Lorient

What are you going to say to the Minister of the Sea this Friday?

Éric Guygniec, from the Armament of the artisanal fishing of Keroman (Apak): “The fishermen’s base will talk about and explain the problems: that of importation, Brexit, covid, accidental captures of cetaceans, fish traceability. The list is long. There is also the rise in diesel fuel. Much has accumulated over the past year. We often endure storms, but this is too much. You can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. We are not asking for money and aid. They want us to be allowed to fish because there are also quota problems due to Brexit.

How is your business impacted?

Since the start of the year and Brexit, our turnover has fallen by 20% to 30%. Take the example of mackerel, the emblematic fish of Brexit. Whether we are in English waters or not, all French fishermen are concerned because the quotas have been practically halved. Before Brexit, importation was a supplement to French fishing. Today it is the other way around. This is no longer possible. We can no longer sell our fish. In Lorient, hake arrives from the Nordic countries with prices between € 1.50 to € 1.80. Usually, we sell it for € 3. How do you want us to sell our fish? And it’s the same for monkfish. This poses a problem. We are not against importation, as long as it is a complement to French fishing. On the stalls, whether in fishmongers or in supermarkets and supermarkets, French fishing represents 20%. A year ago, with covid, consumers were told to eat local fish. People prefer salmon, farmed shrimp and cod that comes from the Nordic countries. People need to understand that we have great products here, hake, monkfish and even red mullet.

In January, you felt supported by the Government during the visit of Jean-Yves Le Drian, is this still the case?

No. The promises were not kept. When we see the result, more than three months later, I even wonder if we are being listened to.

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