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In Lorient, a young woman dies electrocuted by her charging cellphone – Brittany

A dramatic accident occurred this Friday, October 8, in the evening, in Lorient, in an apartment located on the third floor of a small building on avenue Jean-Jaurès. A 25-year-old woman was discovered unconscious in her bathtub. The victim could not be resuscitated by the emergency services and it was the Smur who declared his death.

The firefighters were called around 8:50 p.m., informed by the friend with whom this young woman had been staying for some time. Astonished not to see her on a date they had fixed in town, he had returned home, and had discovered her, unconscious.

Volunteer nurse and firefighter

According to our information, the investigations carried out by the Lorient police station made it possible to determine the circumstances of this tragedy and the causes of death: this young woman died by electrocution. “Her cell phone was charging, it seems that she used it while she was still in her bathtub, probably finishing taking a shower,” says a source familiar with the matter.

A nurse by trade, the young victim was also a volunteer firefighter in a town in Aude, where she is from.

Do not charge your laptop in a damp room

Each year, forty deaths by electrocution occur in France, reports the National Observatory of Electrical Safety.

The DGCCRF (Directorate General for Competition, Consumption and Fraud Control), after several relatives of victims have sounded the alarm, alerts consumers to the risks associated with the use of cell phones in progress charging, and more broadly any electrical appliance plugged into the mains, in bathrooms. To prevent any risk of electrocution, the organization recommends “charging its electrical or electronic devices outside damp rooms; do not use any electrical device connected to the mains, including a waterproof and water resistant telephone in the bathtub or in the shower; do not handle any plugged-in electrical appliance with wet hands or feet, or with feet in water ”.