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In Locqueltas, the hot air balloon lands in the medium voltage lines – Vannes

A hot air balloon finished its flight in medium voltage lines, this Monday, May 3 in the morning, at the place called the pond of Pont-Berthois, in Locqueltas. Warned by neighbors shortly after 10:30 am, Michel Guernévé, mayor of the town, went there. “We had been without electricity for a good fifteen minutes. Seeing the ball straddling the line, I understood why! », Ironically the chosen one. He specifies that the four occupants were safe and sound.

160 households still without electricity

It was the Brest air transport gendarmerie brigade (BGTA) which came to see the facts at around 1 p.m. The balloon was removed half an hour later. The current has, for its part, been restored for some of the inhabitants. According to the mayor, 160 houses installed in the southern part of the town (Morbouleau, Le Reste, Tredec) were still without electricity around 2:30 p.m.


Locqueltas is not the only municipality to have experienced an unusual landing. In 2019, a Thalassa hot air balloon had fallen in a swamp, between Île Tascon and Sarzeau. Three people were then taken to hospital for checks. Five years earlier, a ball in difficulty, left Baden, must have landed at Île-aux-Moines for the night. The pilot was able to leave the next day.

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