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1 A turn for two years During its 25th anniversary in 2019, the Locarn Institute decided to change its strategy. A new team, chaired by network man Gilbert Jaffrelot, has been installed. New statutes have been voted. The association “IDL Le Keréden” now oversees the SARL of the training center (Campus Le Keréden) on one side, and the hotel part (SAS “Breizh Ecolodge Hôtel Le Keréden”), on the other. The objective has not changed: “It is a question of working for a beautiful Brittany, prosperous, united and open to the world”, said a press release in December 2020.

2 Work in progress This is the major axis of the renewal: a restructuring of aging premises, to the tune of € 650,000, guides the project called “Re… Birth”. A first tranche of € 390,000 was carried out in 2020 “thanks to funds own and loans ”. The common areas (living room, reception, catering) have been renovated, the optical fiber installed, the first three “witness” rooms redone. “Our hotel sector has always been under-exploited,” says the president of SAS, Rémi Loyer. There is an opportunity to be seized, which will allow us to support the tourist development of the territory ”. If the covid has disrupted the initial schedule, the second phase should start in 2022. It will be a question of redoing the 37 rooms “by following a modern but accessible standard” and of enhancing the playful outdoor facilities, intended for a more clientele. family.

“What interests me is to further open up this magical site, which will bridge the gap between Armor and Argoat. “

3 Objective aperture Le Keréden called on the owner-manager of the four-star hotel de Diane, in Sables-d’Or-les-Pins (22), Hugo Renouardière, as a consultant-guide. “I don’t have a priori on the old Institute, what interests me is to open more this magical site, which will make a bridge between Armor and Argoat, details t -he. I toured the neighboring tourist contacts, from the Abbey of Bon Repos to the Valley of the Saints via the Nantes to Brest canal. The website has been launched a month ago and Le Keréden is now well referenced. The first feedback is positive. “Communication officer at the Kreiz Breizh tourist office in Rostrenen, Dominique Hervé confirms:” Central Brittany has a shortage of high-capacity equipment of this type, whether for business tourism or tourism green, booming with the covid crisis. The name change is a good thing. It will make it possible to put an end to the somewhat blurred image conveyed by the Locarn Institute at the local level. “For Rémi Loyer, the signals are green:” Our turnover has already increased by 50%. in 2020. Three permanent contract recruitments are in progress ”.

4 Towards a “rural campus” Training remains another priority for the new Keréden. Pôle Emploi is supporting three sessions for business creators and buyers in 2021. The Brittany Region is co-funding “Stepping stones towards employment” sessions, aimed at young people from priority neighborhoods. Director of Nivot agricultural high school, Cédric Troadec also evokes the original project of a “campus of rurality”. Objective: to associate the great Parisian schools with the actors and the reality of the Center-Brittany. The work continues for now “in the shadows”, say the volunteers. We do not remake ourselves.

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