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In Lannion, the tour de France of a survivor – Lannion

It is a journey like there are few, of the kind that challenge us, touch us, inspire us, too.

This Thursday, it is in Lannion that Marie Albert resumes his “Survivor tour”, a tour of France on foot against gender-based and sexual violence. Resumes, because the adventurer, also a journalist and author, has already covered more than 600 km last summer from Dunkirk (59). With a common thread: to show that in France, public space is still not a sanctuary for women.

A way of the cross for his convictions

“Walking alone, as a woman, is very subversive,” notes the hiker. “As the public space is mostly occupied by men, I am constantly being reminded that I take risks and that sleeping outside is dangerous. But in reality, there is less chance of something happening to me in the forest than in the city … So, as long as I am constantly referred to my condition as a woman, I chose to make one. political path ”.

This project, Marie has matured since her trip on the pilgrim’s path to Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle: on this road, however renowned for its safety, the young woman is the victim of several assaults. Following in the footsteps of both women and their attackers, the latter dedicates the last 900 kilometers of the journey to victims of feminicides.

Female self-censorship

Throughout her journey in France, Marie collects testimonies from victims, walkers or not, which she then relays on social networks: “You just have to ask to realize that other women are subjected to the same remarks and the same ones. violence, ”reveals the journalist. For her, it is a question of denouncing the ambivalence of the fable of the “big bad wolf” which, far from protecting women, rather restricts the field of their freedoms: “By dint of remarks on the risks incurred by a single woman in nature, many have incorporated fear as a given in their lives… starting with me! The first few days, I was shaking with fear in my tent. However, even if there are attacks, this kind of speech reflects above all the fears of those who hold them, and in any case, do not protect us from anything at all ”.

It’s a way of reclaiming my story, of saying: ok, I’m a victim of sexual assault but I’m also a survivor.

Marie undertakes this journey for others but also for her: “The“ Survivor tour ”is a way of reclaiming my story, of saying: ok, I am a victim of sexual assault but I am also a survivor. »Leaving Lannion, the young woman will walk alone for four months along the Brittany coast as far as Arcachon, without pepper spray or tear gas in her belongings … A way of reminding us that, very often, the most hostile environments do not are not the ones we think of.


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