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In Lannion, her hen disturbs her, she kills her with a punch and eats her – Brittany

At the end of 2020, the co-ownership manager of a building in downtown Lannion files a complaint for the bad smells of Mistigri, a hen who leaves some droppings in the common areas. The owner, who lives on the ground floor, her neighbors also criticize the straw and water placed on the common terrace. “The declared damage, explains Daniel Kerdraon, commander of the Lannion police station, reports a sum of € 300, including 290 bailiff fees”!

On the spot, the police fail to get hold of Mistigri and his mistress. The latter was finally heard on Wednesday, January 20 by the police. She explains that she bought the gallinaceous € 12 on the Lannion market, hoping for one egg a day. There never will be. His guardian then asks him to get rid of the animal, relates the police commander. “I did not know how to get rid of it,” explains the forty-something, placed under legal protection. So I hit her with a punch. »She then plucked it in the bathtub, indicates the policeman, before eating it in a pot-au-feu. To officials who question her, she declares: “She was good but a little thin”.

The hen died, the file was sent to the Saint-Brieuc prosecutor’s office, which will decide on the possible consequences.

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