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In Hennebont, he flees bikers at more than 180 km / h – Lorient

An impressive chase between the police and a car took place this Thursday, on the outskirts of Lorient. In the early afternoon, CRS motorcyclists were checking the speed on the RN165, near Hennebont. They then chased a vehicle traveling in the Quimper-Vannes direction, well beyond the authorized 90 km / h.

But at the sight of the bikers, the motorist refused to stop and accelerated. At the wheel of his large engine, he took all the risks to escape control. Even going so far as to slalom between the other vehicles and pass between two cars in the middle of the four-lane.

Judging the situation too dangerous, the bikers, who were then traveling at 180 km / h, preferred to stop the pursuit at Brandérion. The vehicle’s license plate has been read off. The police will open a procedure to find the driver.

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