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In Denmark, a small group of “Men in Black” in the street against health restrictions

Like almost every weekend since mid-December, the appointment has been set on Facebook. After several Saturdays of violent demonstrations in Copenhagen, the “Men in Black” chose to relocate to Aarhus, the second city of the country, where they called for mobilization against health restrictions, Saturday January 30. The message is clear: the “men in black” have no intention of letting go.

In a country unaccustomed to this kind of show of force, the events of recent weeks, reminiscent of urban violence in the Netherlands and other European countries, have been shocking. The number of demonstrators has certainly never exceeded a thousand. But the repeated clashes with the police and the virulence of the slogans cause concern, further accentuated by the incident which occurred on the sidelines of the rally on Saturday, January 23.

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A mannequin bearing the image of the Prime Minister, the Social Democrat Mette Frederiksen, was hung from a lamppost and then burned. Around his neck he wore a sign, with these words printed in red: “She must be and will be put to death. ” Three men have since been arrested. All face very heavy prison sentences.

Condemned unanimously by the political class, the incident forced out of anonymity the one who presents himself as being at the initiative of the movement, Monday, January 25. In the program “Aftenshowet”, on the channel DR, Morten Jakobsen, tall bearded fellow, sitting in a room with walls covered with football shirts, condemned the violence, but also denounced a ” witch hunt “ against the “Men in Black”.

” We are the people “

First appearing on Facebook on December 13, the group now has more than 17,000 followers. No name, no contact. Just a brief introduction: “We are the children of Denmark! Regardless of our age, beliefs and opinions, we walk around the country with our eyes open. ” A video denounces, pell-mell, compulsory vaccination, the wearing of a mask, deprivation of liberty, the emergency law, violations of the Constitution …

A first call for mobilization is launched for December 19. Dress code: black. ” A random “, says journalist Alexander Sjöberg, who is investigating the movement for the daily Politiken. According to him, “The hard core is connected to fan clubs and the middle of hooliganism, but it casts a much wider net.” If the demonstrators are mostly young men, “There is really a mixed audience”, assures the journalist. “This is not the expression of a big popular opposition, but that of people hard hit by the restrictions, who were perhaps already a little marginalized before the pandemic and who are even more so today. “

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