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In Dagestan, a junior judo championship degenerates into a general fight – RT en français

In this region of the Russian Caucasus, a sporting event ended in confusion. Witnesses of the scene quickly shared it on social networks.

A junior judo event in the Russian Federation Republic of Dagestan escalated into a general brawl involving athletes and dozens of fans. The tournament at the Ali Aliyev sports complex in Kaspiysk was the scene of a scene of great confusion on February 27, 2021.

Dozens of people, supporters and judokas were involved. A disciplinary investigation is underway.

It’s unclear exactly what sparked the brawl, but a trainer later told that the unrest was not started by any of the competitors on the tatami mat.

“It all started when the athletes wrestled for more than ten minutes. One of the spectators from Dagestan shouted, waved his hand or shouted “Hooray!”. And the Ossetian supporters didn’t like that, ”he said adding:“ And a fight started in which the athletes were trained, as an eyewitness explained to me. ”

The tournament had to be suspended, according to Sputnik.

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