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In Concarneau, the missing person found dead in the port – Concarneau

A 53 year old woman had been missing since last weekend. She was found deceased Tuesday afternoon in the port of Concarneau, left bank side, along the quays. It is an employee of the port who would have seen the dead body, before warning the police station of the city.

An autopsy will be performed next week. “So that we are sure that there was no intervention of a third party”, we inform the police station. A thesis for the time being totally rejected by the investigators.

The images recorded by cameras along the harbor will also be viewed in order to clarify the circumstances of the drama.

A very popular call for witnesses

This person was described by his relatives as very fragile psychologically. She had left her residence, located in the Kerauret district of Concarneau, without any means of payment and without a cell phone.

The call for witnesses launched by the police had been widely relayed on social networks in recent days.

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