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In Callac, the PLB Muco 2021 will take place over two days – Callac

For the first time since 1992, La Pierre Le Bigaut, the third largest concentration of cyclorandonneurs in France in terms of number of participants and the first in Europe for humanitarian purposes, had to be canceled last year, due to the covid pandemic. -19. The 2021 edition will take place, but in a restricted configuration due to the still current health situation. “Our association weighs between 25 and 30% of research funding in France. If we are at a standstill, it penalizes researchers, ”underlines Daniel Bercot, founding co-president of Pierre Le Bigaut – Cystic fibrosis.

Limited gauges

At the end of a first meeting, on February 21, the Côtes-d’Armor prefecture gave the green light under certain conditions. The next meeting, between May 15 and 20, will allow other adjustments. “It won’t be a PLB in its classic form as people know it. The yellow of participants will be limited, and it can evolve until the last moment, in both directions, depending on the health evolution. We decided to organize a two-day organization, July 3 and 4, to double the activities and collect as much money as possible, ”explains the Callacois.

Because 2021 promises to be “much more difficult”. Last year, “partner actions were able to be carried out before the first confinement. Unlike this year. We hope that solidarity will come into full play and that our fight against cystic fibrosis will emerge stronger ”.

Mountain bikers had been absent since 1994

Saturday will be devoted to cyclorandonneurs, with two routes of 60 and 100 km. “We will not put in place our usual safety devices, except for the first ten and last ten kilometers, which will be neutralized in traffic. We chose circuits with low traffic roads, in the direction of Kreiz Breizh. It will be a bit in the spirit of a club outing on Sunday morning. But the routes will be signposted and there will be signs for dangerous points ”. Departures from the town hall square in Callac will be staggered between 8:30 am and 9:30 am Everyone should be back by 11:30 am.

On Sundays, hikers can take advantage of three circuits, of 3, 7 and 12 km. And, new to the edition, mountain bikers will be invited, with three free routes of 16, 24 and 38 km. And departures and arrivals at the football stadium, the usual site of the PLB Muco. “We give Callac an activity that no longer existed since March 1994. This will allow mountain bikers to participate in the PLB. And it’s still cycling ”.


Registrations will be open between June 7 and 20, on the site

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