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In California, Republicans fight to broaden call for recall

The other California – that of mega-churches in the expanse of the irrigated desert, parades of Trump boats, and a potential secessionist enclave near the Oregon border that calls itself “Jefferson State” – is sometimes found a common cause with the moderates and the independents to shake up state policy.

But Mr Kessler said a major difference between now and 2003, when Mr Schwarzenegger replaced Mr Davis in the last recall, was that the Republican Party did not have a candidate with a cross-call. Success, he said, would depend on a candidate “who offers you an alternative to the Democrat without having to embrace exactly another party.”

It’s not Larry Elder, the Republican frontrunner in the recall race.

Talk radio host Mr. Elder comes from the tradition of California conservatives whose call it was that they refused to appeal to the Liberals. The list includes Los Angeles-born Andrew Breitbart, the conservative writer and activist who founded Breitbart News, and Mr. Miller, who is the former architect of Mr. Trump’s anti-immigration program and who grew up in Santa Monica. listening to Mr. Elder’s speech. spectacle.

Sometimes the events of the Elder campaign didn’t feel all that different from the Trump rallies.

At a Labor Day rally in the Thousand Oaks suburb, about 40 miles from downtown Los Angeles in Ventura County, Mr. Elder drew boos from the crowd when he mentioned the Los Angeles Times, and laughs when he said he intended to “speak slowly.” ”Because CNN was there. He dropped the kind of bombs that made him a national name on conservative talk radio, winning applause from his predominantly white audience.

“What they’re afraid of,” Mr. Elder said, referring to his Democratic opponents, “is that Larry Elder from the neighborhood who went to a public school will be able to make the case to blacks and browns: “You are being betrayed. You are used. You are being manipulated.

“Racism has never been less in America,” added Mr. Elder, who is black.

Shelley Merrell, who runs a fire safety company in Ventura, nodded as Mr Elder called systemic racism a “lie” and churned out statistics on police officers killing unarmed whites in greater numbers than men. Black. Ms Merrell, who is white, said her support for the recall was rooted in her belief that California had become too inhospitable for business.

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