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“In Burma, the specter of a civil war?”

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On the front page of the press, this Monday, May 4, the escalation of violence in Burma, over which hangs the specter of civil war. Persistent questions about the origin of the Covid-19 pandemic in China. A game of ladies that turns into drama. (Expensive) marriages and divorce.

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On the front page of the press, the escalation of violence in Burma, where the revolt against the military junta is reaching border regions.

Swiss daily Time evokes “the specter of a civil war”, the transformation of peaceful demonstrations into “urban guerrillas”, in particular in Rangoon, where the protesters requested the assistance of the ethnic militias of the border regions. “We sent several of our members to train with members of the Karen National Union”, the ethnic minority living in the east of the country, on the border with Thailand. “They taught us to fight and to handle firearms and explosives,” testifies an opponent in the columns of the Swiss daily, who reports that members of the Kachin Independence Army and the Arakan Army, two militias from the north and the west, “also formed protesters.” Faced with the repression, pro-democracy activists are calling on foreign groups, in particular the French oil groups Total and the American Chevron, to suspend their activities to stop providing financial support to the military. According to documents consulted by The world, Total would have set up a system of revenue sharing with the junta, via Bermuda, through offshore accounts.

On the front page, also, the call launched by several scientists, who ask the World Health Organization, the WHO, to continue research on the origins of Covid-19 in China. According to Le Figaro, Beijing’s “lack of transparency” continues to fuel the suspicion of part of the scientific community, which considers that the hypothesis of a laboratory accident was dismissed too quickly by the WHO, whose boss, Tedros Adhanom himself admitted that this possibility had not been “sufficiently deepened”. According to Le Figaro, France would be “all the more concerned” by these questions, since it was she who exported the P4 laboratory from Wuhan, a laboratory of very high biological security, whose project had created tensions in France, from its debut in 2004.

Diplomatic tensions, also between Poland and Russia, after a game of checkers… which turned into a tragedy. The world says the incident happened last week, when Tamara Tansykkuzhina, the Russian six-time world drafts champion, was competing in the fourth round of the World Championships against a Polish competitor. The two players were in the middle of the game when a Polish official stepped in to take down the Russian flag, completely destabilizing Tansykkuzhina. Why this gesture, you will ask me? Because “the World Anti-Doping Agency having banned Russian athletes from competing in their national colors because Russia does not respect the regulations on doping controls”, the Polish organizers had no choice but to comply with Rule. Moscow immediately called the incident a “big mistake”, despite the appeasement gesture of the Polish player, who reacted by removing her flag. But all’s well that ends well for Russia, since it was ultimately their player who won the final last night.

Before saying to you tomorrow, a word, in conclusion, on the relaxation, since yesterday, of health restrictions in France. Good news at last! The Parisian announces the end of the six-guest maximum rule for weddings starting May 19. Professionals are already rubbing their hands, since no less than 40,000 weddings are planned for the month of June alone. There are, in any case, to whom it visibly gives ideas. The Public Good spotted this unusual marriage proposal. A frozen lover posted his request in giant letters in a meadow: “Ready to marry me?”. We do not yet know what the lucky winner replied. They said “yes” 27 years ago, but now it’s over. The Guardian announces the divorce of Bill and Melinda Gates. A separation of more than 100 billion euros, according to the British daily …

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