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In Brest, the boom in high-end senior residences – Brest


Comfort, security, social life, independence, openness to the outside world and service … Far from the dusty image of old retirement homes, senior residences with services (RSPA) are booming in France, but also in Brest. To the point that what was still only a little-known concept a few years ago is now emerging as a real alternative between home care and medical institution for retirees who are still independent and eager to take a bite out of life. to the fullest.

Two new residences opened last May

Nature abhors a vacuum, private operators have rushed into this very fertile field of the Silver economy. Thus, while Brest has so far only had two residences of this type (Les Jardins d’Avalon, opened in 1990 and Le Petit Jardin, managed by Espace & vie since 2014 in Recouvrance), two others have been put into service. in May 2021.

The first, at the Capucins, is the work of the Heurus group. His residence “Avel” includes 96 rental accommodation, ranging from studios to two-bedroom apartments, and large common areas (dining room, private rooms for families, large living room to share for activities, secure terrace) in which the manager offers catering services, animation and support.

The second is located in the Lambézellec district, a stone’s throw from the village, where the Domitys group opened the Hops a 122-unit residence. Here again, the range of services is wide, ranging from the multimedia area to the gym, including the swimming pool. Four months after opening, 50 homes are occupied. “A filling rate perfectly in line with our forecasts”, indicates Christelle Lazennec, the director of the establishment, who estimates the time it will take to refuel at two years.

637 housing units to come by 2025

This residence, operated by the leading group in this segment of high-end residences, does not seem to fear the competition which will however become tougher. Because the wave has only just begun. Between the projects under investigation and those emerging from the ground, six other residences are already in the pipeline. They represent a potential of 637 additional housing units in the city. And in this market aimed at wealthy customers, everyone competes to find the best location, close to shops, health centers and mobility infrastructures.

So we find Space and life in Lambézellec, with a 91-unit residence project on the site of the former Lanroze clinic. At the Arteloire, on the site of the former gendarmerie, the Domitys group, will offer 115 apartments in “La Calypso”.

Some managers will no doubt be forced to adapt their models if they want to fill their establishments.

In the Saint-Pierre district, a new player in Homnicity serviciel real estate is erecting a residence of 89 “scalable and connected” housing units, the delivery of which is scheduled for the first half of 2023. Rue Matthieu-Donnart, straddling Kérinou and Saint- Martin, will be built the first Villa Beausoleil residence in Brittany (Steva Group). It is also the largest project currently identified in Brest, with 136 housing units, which is scheduled to come into service before summer 2023.

A little further back in time, rue de Siam, La Poste will convert part of its premises to house a residence of just over 90 units. The commissioning, entrusted to the Jardins d’Arcadie, is planned for early 2025. Finally, on the Saint-Martin side, these are 116 housing units which should replace the site of the old Adoration nursing home. The file is still under investigation which will be managed by Maisons de Famille. A project also contested by residents who are considering an appeal.

Tax benefits for investors

All these new programs are carried by commercial companies who have understood that the curve of the aging of the population is not ready to be reversed. The market is also boosted by tax exemption systems, which attract investors to purchase housing, with promises of tempting returns. Tax advantages which largely explain this sudden frenzy. But will the wallet of Brest retirees be able to follow? Of course, to open this type of housing to more modest households, the residences offer different service packs but which are part of the project economy. For this specialist in the Brest real estate market, “some managers will no doubt be forced to adapt their models if they want to fill their establishments”.

in complement

“Only 21?% Of those 75 and over have the means to settle there”

Wellness area with swimming pool, beauty salon, connected apartments, each operator tries to make a difference in the quality of services. But all of this comes at a cost that is not affordable to all budgets.

In November 2018, when new project leaders for senior residences with services knocked on the door, Brest Métropole was able to take note of the restitution of a study commissioned from the firm Sémaphores, in order to guide it on future projects. In view of the projects already identified and whose delivery should take place before 2022, it appeared that “the current and future housing supply meets the demand of households over 75 with high incomes relatively well”. If, comparatively, seniors living in Brest Métropole are more likely to own than at national level, and therefore have significant capital to ensure their retirement in good conditions, the study insisted on the fact that “only 21 % of people aged 75 and over in the region have the means to settle there ”. In the end, on this segment of the high-end offer, the firm Sémaphores warned against “a risk of saturation of the offer in relation to potential demand”. This, while projects such as Villa Beausoleil (136 homes), Siam-La Poste (90 homes) and Saint-Martin (116 homes) were not yet confirmed.