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In Brest, she refuses to leave her house in an activity zone under construction – Brest

She smiles and nods when compared to a bernique (“brenique”, some readers will insist) who clings to her rock. Jacqueline, in her sixties, persists in refusing to leave the house where she lives, at the corner of rue Gaston-Esnault and rue de Gouesnou, in Brest. Not far from Emmaus, very close to the growing Orange building, while iron skeletons are erected one after the other in the surroundings, the beginnings of modern glass and metal envelopes for tertiary activities.

On December 26, Jacqueline had the pain of losing her 89-year-old mother. And that day, a countdown began. Under a February 2017 memorandum of understanding that the family ended up signing, after a long refusal, the sixty-year-old has six months to leave the house, expropriated as part of the creation of the activity zone of the ‘Hermitage, a project started in the 2000s. The law allowed Brest Métropole Habitat to require their departure in 2016, when the property was acquired. Jacqueline has already had nearly four years, since the protocol, to find a new home, but she has not started. And still does not intend to, at the risk of being expelled… Question of attachment to these walls. In principle, too.

Already, the house built next door by his father …

The story is touching. The story of this woman born in the old house next door, already built by her father, on the land of her grandparents. A house “knocked down when the tram was built to widen its sidewalks.” And who lives in the one, almost as old and larger, destined for destruction in turn. Decades have passed, the immediate environment has changed a lot. Town planning has nibbled this corner of greenery. “I’ve almost always lived here,” she says.

In the course of 2017, Jacqueline asked the mayor, François Cuillandre, to accept that she benefits from the transfer of the right of use and of habitation, when her mother is no longer there. He received it and justified his refusal, in writing, by taking into account “the general interest of the project and its economic balance, but also of [votre] interest in not being exposed to nuisances in a living environment that is likely to change significantly from what already exists ”. He spoke of job creation, “one of [ses] priorities ”.

BMA will contact her again

The resident strongly doubts that the general economic balance of the business area will be undermined by the absence of a new building at this address. She is sure that all these offices that are growing in the neighborhood will not find a taker or that it will essentially be a matter of job transfers rather than creations. “Why not use empty premises? She asks herself. Jacqueline also believes that the land will be sold for much more to companies. As for the nuisances, there are certainly those of the works but the activity to come, in the tertiary sector, does not cause him any concern. “Revolted”, she proclaims that “there is no longer any human in there! It’s a whole past that gets the hell out of it! “.

Brest Metropole Planning will contact her shortly to remind her of her commitment, and ask her to respect it. Hoping there is no need to resort to deportation at the end of June.

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