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In Brest, Patrick Richard, a voice of the lord with millions of views

In Brest, where Patrick Richard settled in 1986, his notoriety remains modest, while his compositions are sung all over the world. So much so that his first piece “The Psalm of Creation”, composed in 1984, has just been designated as the most striking mass song of the last 40 years following a competition launched on social networks. Some recordings of this title, and a few others, exceed ten million views on “Sing to God”, the YouTube channel dedicated to Christian songs.

A hit written by a night of anger

35 years after its debut, this voice of the Lord still does not return. Because nothing predestined her to pursue a career in music. At the age of 20, while he was timidly composing in his corner, Patrick Richard discovered the Gospel. “I realized that it was not a weirdo thing, but something that spoke to us today.”

Soon he was recruited into the Eucharistic youth movement (MEJ) to write songs. But a title he offers is rejected by the team. He returned home annoyed and “on a night of anger”, he composed “The Psalm of Creation”. Frozen on a cassette, this song of praise reaches the ears of a record company which offers to make an album. The first meetings followed, vigils in parishes, gatherings of young and old, pilgrimages and interventions in the school environment. In France, but also in all French-speaking countries.

In variety, we know the singers, but not necessarily what they sing. Me, it’s the other way around

Resumed in Spanish, Arabic, Vietnamese

Since this founding hit, the singer-songwriter has never stopped singing his Christian faith, both on record and on stage. His 33rd opus, “Le Paradis sur terre”, has just been released. If the health crisis deprives him of all communion with his audience faithful, the bond is not broken. Each month, this acrobat from the parishes discovers new covers of his compositions. In Spanish, Arabic, even Vietnamese. In rock version or with a choir of a thousand children. Most of the time, his name does not appear in the credits. Too bad for copyright, but that is not the point. “It’s beautiful, and it goes straight to my heart. We can not say that all these young people take back my titles to please me. They don’t know me. ”

Social worker in a first life

So be it. Patrick Richard is this artist whose face we know less than his works. A status which he adapts very well. “In variety, we know the singers, but not necessarily what they sing. Me, it’s the other way around. It puts things back in order, it’s not me who’s in front, it’s what I write. ”

Since 1993, Patrick Richard has worked on shows and lives exclusively on his music. With hindsight, “I tell myself that I was made for that”, considers, humbly, the one who does not regret having left his job as social worker in the Protection of Children, which he exercised in court. from Brest. “This first job allowed me to understand what, in people, makes them sad, aggressive or happy, and that continues to nourish my songs”, affirms the one who is currently working on the writing of an entire album of songs. laymen. “I’ve done it before, but without much success. For me, singing about man, or singing about God, is a bit the same. It is giving meaning to life. Amen.

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