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In Bordeaux, the ecological mayor Pierre Hurmic does not abandon the “open-air shopping center” project

The first meeting of the Bordeaux city council in 2021, on January 26, opened with a bang. The two main opposition groups, that of macronist Thomas Cazenave (La République en Marche, LRM) and that of former mayor Nicolas Florian (Les Républicains, LR) were eagerly awaiting their voices on several subjects, including that of , thorny, of the “rue bordelaise”, henceforth called “rue Saget” and of the larger Euratlantique development project. Tired of not seeing the municipal council start after an hour of free discussions, in accordance with the internal regulations, the environmentalist mayor of Bordeaux Pierre Hurmic suddenly cut Nicolas Florian’s microphone. The “Bordeaux Ensemble” group reacted immediately, leaving the boardroom.

It must be said that the subject of this “Bordeaux street” 600 m long has been at the heart of virulent exchanges between the opposition and the majority for several days. Initiated by Alain Juppé in 2008, this large-scale project aims to link Saint-Jean station to the platforms by 2028. Qualified as “Open-air shopping center” by some, this street will offer 67,000 m2 of commercial signs and housing. A project categorically rejected by the ecologist Pierre Hurmic during his electoral campaign.

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However, on January 20, surrounded by the promoter in charge of the file, Apsys, the mayor presented this project well. An amended but very real version. The councilor was in fact faced with a dilemma: by renouncing it, 100 million euros would have been claimed anyway under the “Overall deficit of the Euratlantic operation, deficit contractually covered by the State, Bordeaux Métropole, the city of Bordeaux and the cities of Bègles and Floirac”, explains the municipality.

“Evolutions” presented

Now Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bordeaux – Euratlantic Public Planning Establishment (EPA), Mr. Hurmic has therefore chosen to present his “Developments” to this site, in particular the “Creation of a committee of brands” to guide the commercial programming of the project. But also to replace “1,000 to 2,000 m² of shops by premises dedicated to the social and solidarity economy”, or to halve the parking spaces and create 50% more housing, including 35% social housing. “This is not contradictory with my campaign arguments”, defends Pierre Hurmic. “I do my best to respect these commitments, especially on zero soil artificialization. But I do not have the legal possibility of canceling building permits ”, continues the ecologist, arguing that “The blow was gone”.

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