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in a letter to Macron, the president of Israel judges the law “deficient” – RT en français

Reuven Rivlin wrote to his French counterpart to welcome the latter’s request to change the law, after the murderer of Sarah Halimi was found criminally irresponsible, despite the anti-Semitic nature of the crime.

While the verdict of the Sarah Halimi case, which ended with the criminal irresponsibility of the murderer Kobili Traoré, sparked debate in France, Emmanuel Macron recently expressed his desire to change “as soon as possible […] the law ”on this subject. A position shared by Israeli President Reuven Rivlin, who made it known in a letter addressed to the President of the French Republic, as reported by Times of Israel and i24.

In his letter to Emmanuel Macron, the Hebrew head of state particularly salutes: “Your quick and clear response sends a clear message to the family of the victim and to France as a whole: the law as it currently exists is deficient, and this deficiency allowed a despicable murderer to escape justice and punishment. “

“The facts of the case are there. Dr Sarah Halimi was the victim of a despicable murder by a cruel murderer because she was Jewish, and everything must be done to send a clear message that there is, and there will be , no tolerance for sick and despicable anti-Semitism and attacks against Jews because of their ethnicity and religion, ”Reuven Rivlin continues.

If the French justice recognized the anti-Semitic nature of the crime, it estimated that the murderer Kobili Traoré, neighbor of the victim, had been reached of a “delirious puff” favored by the taking of cannabis, making impossible a criminal trial.

25,000 people demonstrated in France against this decision which was the subject of much debate and political commentary in the media. Lawyers Francis Szpiner and Gilles-William Goldnadel have announced the filing of a complaint against Kobili Traoré before the Israeli courts.

Israeli criminal law can effectively apply to anti-Semitic crimes committed outside its borders and denounced by one of its citizens, as LCI reminds us. French law, however, does not allow the extradition of its citizens.

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