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In a hurry, little Charles was born at home, in La Forêt-Fouesnant – La Forêt-Fouesnant

Delphine and Maxime Launay will remember the day of June 3, 2021 all their lives. The day of the birth of their son Charles, 3.2 kg and 48.5 cm … at their home, in La Forêt-Fouesnant (29) . He is a military retraining, and she, a pharmacy assistant, currently on maternity leave. They are also the happy parents of Georges, 3 years old. “We lived in Alsace, but decided to come back to South Finistère where we come from. We arrived on May 20th. I was pregnant with Charles and I had to give birth normally on June 19, ”explains the 32-year-old mother.

The couple are busy putting the house in order, the mother-to-be helping to carry the bed upstairs and to arrange the baby’s room. In the afternoon of June 3, while her husband went to look for Georges in Edern, Delphine is busy. She does the housework and prepares the meal. “I said to myself: this is it. It can happen. Everything is ready. I took a shower, and a medicine because I was having a few contractions. That same morning, we went to the maternity ward of the Quimper hospital and I was told to stay calm. ”

“Everything has accelerated. No more time to go to the hospital! “

Leaning against the sofa “in survival mode”

While the contractions come every two minutes, Maxime, back at home, confides Georges to his sister who lives next door. A chance. “Everything has accelerated. No more time to go to the hospital. So I called the fire department. The problem is, the network is very bad. I had to stand at the front door, ”explains the young dad, 31 years old. His wife is leaning against the sofa, in “survival mode”, as she humorously puts it.

“The Samu doctor asked me many questions. It was then that the baby’s head came out. We were in the hall, I was holding the phone and the baby’s head. The doctor told me to keep it as long as possible while waiting for the firefighters. »Delphine managed to lie down and it was then that the baby suddenly came out, received by Maxime.

“I managed to take the cord off him and he started screaming. “

“I was ready to use my laces”

“I was very scared because the umbilical cord was around his neck. The baby had a purplish complexion and did not cry. I managed to pull the cord off him and he started screaming. I put it on his mother and he sucked straight away. The doctor wanted me to tie the cord with string. With nothing on hand, I was ready to use my laces, but then the fire department arrived. “

The young mother and her baby were transported to the hospital, followed by the father and the suitcase. The choice of first name had not yet been finalized, because they had ten days left to choose it… Charles was in the top 3. “We thank the coordinating doctor of Samu, the Smur of Concarneau and the firefighters of Fouesnant, without forgetting our families. Thanks to them, the worst was avoided and Charles is doing wonderfully. “

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