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ImmunaBand Wristbands Help Prove Philadelphia Food Workers Have Been Vaccinated
PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) – The stylish blue bracelets are now the symbol of COVID-19 vaccination for a business located in the Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia.

El Merkury Central American Street Food recently launched its second location inside Reading Terminal Market, and since the jump the owner and the majority of staff are making it clear that they have been fully vaccinated.

Many of them now wear blue bracelets known as ImmunaBand. The silicone wristband means that a worker has been fully vaccinated through a system where they provide proof of their vaccination.

“It was really important to me to get everyone vaccinated, that everyone come back to work and feel safe, and that customers know that it’s more in touch with customers, that people know that we can eat safe, ”said Sofia DeLeon, owner of El Merkury.

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DeLeon discovered ImmunaBand thanks to one of its creators, a graduate of Wharton. The cost is $ 19.99.

“Especially being at the reading terminal surrounded by so many people and being in close contact with our staff, I just had to do it,” said assistant manager Natalie Rangel.

Customers like Keshia Nedd are excited about what they see as an extra layer of comfort.

And while the owner hopes it also encourages more people to get vaccinated, some don’t believe ImmunaBand will be helpful when the CDC encourages people who have been vaccinated to take precautions.

“I don’t think it’s necessary. I think vaccinated people should maintain precautions. Like they say, you can take your mask off outside, but I’m still wearing my mask because you just don’t know.” , said Phyllis Hopewell.

ImmunaBand said in a privacy statement that “personal information is not shared, and we have heard no feedback to date.”

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