“I’m too sexy to be this stressed”: Lizzo and a number one song that celebrates self-love

Lizzo at a presentation in Dallas, Texas. The singer is not only talented, she is also captivating with her personality that professes her own love for her (Photo by Cooper Neill / Getty Images for iHeartMedia)

An economic crisis and the death of his parents prevented him from continuing his studies at the University of Houston, where he had enrolled.. Lack of money made Melissa Viviane Jefferson, better known as Lizzo, move to Minneapolis in search of a future as a singer. She never imagined that she would become a megastar and she almost gave up her career waiting for a hit.

His enormous talent allowed him to break into the music scene with a personality that fell in love. Mainly, because she professes her own love for her and encourages imitation of her with her songs and video clips. “Illuminated like a crystal ball… If I’m shining, the whole world will shine. I am like the chardonnay that improves with time”, sang on his first hit, Juice.

The famous American singer and rapper, who recently released her new album Special, this year she could be seen sharing stages with her friend Harry Styles at Coachella performing I will survive, where they wore metallic pink clothing. They both admire each other. And they show it with gestures. He sent her a huge bouquet of flowers when she very recently dethroned him from the number one spot on the Billboard hot 100. Lizzo thanked him by displaying her flowers on her Tik Tok account (@Lizzo). About Damn Time is the dance theme of the summer in the United States, and As it was, Harry’s came in at number two.

Lizzo and Harry Styles sang I will survive together on stage at Coachella 2022 Coachella, in Indio, California.  (Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Harry Styles)
Lizzo and Harry Styles sang I will survive together on stage at Coachella 2022 Coachella, in Indio, California. (Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Harry Styles)

Talking about Lizzo is talking about self-love, empowerment, acceptance. In her videos, her smile shines even more accentuated by abundant glittery clothing that hugs the body. Just like his friend Harry, she chooses an eccentric wardrobe. In recitals and video clips, she prefers bodies that reveal parts of his figure and her movements are sexy. Always. Lizzo feels sexy and powerful.

In About Damn Time proposes to turn up the music, turn off the lights and celebrate. “I have a feeling I’m going to be fine.” The Detroit singer has the power to lift whoever she is. And the lyrics go on to say, “I’ve been feeling down and under pressure, I’m too sexy to be so stressed, I’m not the girl I used to be. Bitch, it could even be better!”

Lizzo spreads joy and also self-confidence to those who feel that they do not respond to the prevailing beauty canons, in times of much exposure on networks, disagreement, rejection of their own image, beyond sizes. The singer encourages to fall in love with oneself, as her theme says Soulmate.I am my soulmate, I know how to love myself, I know that I will always be there for me… I know that I am a queen, but I do not need a crown. I looked in the mirror, she’s the one. Yes I am in love”, she tells herself.

The video clip of the singer and rapper of the song that conquered the number one position in the international rankings

Melissa was born in Detroit on April 27, 1988 and when she was 10 years old her family moved to Houston. At that age she already knew that she liked to sing and she was also interested in learning to play the traverse flute, which she plays in her shows., video clips and television programs. Three years ago she was seen playing the flute and twerking or twerking at the same time on Jonathan Ross’s TV show. She shows herself as she is. Cheerful and sexy.

She adopted her stage name Lizzo in high school from the song Izzo by rapper Jay-Z. Settling in Minneapolis to devote himself entirely to singing, he released two independent albums, lizzobangersin 2013 and Big Grrrl Small Worldin 2015, with a hip hop style that attracted the attention of Atlantic Records, with whom he ended up signing a contract. In 2014, Times magazine named her a personality to watch. By then, she was already displaying all aspects of her unbiased persona on Instagram (@lizzobeeating) that promotes self-acceptance.

In 2016 he recorded coconut oil where he began to turn more towards pop. She was still missing to make the big leap. It was in 2019 that she managed to enter the Billboard Hot 100 with her song Juice, eighties aesthetic. His talent was visible this time to the whole world.

An eighties-style video clip with one of the most listened to songs of the rapper and pop star

His rise began to be unstoppable in 2019 with the release of his third album Cause I love you which was very well received by critics, but it was a song that he had released in 2017 that changed everything. Is about Truth Hurts, which had not had the reception she expected and almost cost her her career. She wondered if she would go ahead. She thought it was going to be a hit and she was, but she had to wait for it. Thanks to a scene from a Netflix movie so good that it spread and led to review all the songs of the singer, who had been undervalued.

In Someone Greatactress Gina Rodriguez sang the song stepping her voice on Lizzo’s, in a shirt and underwear, with a bottle of alcohol in hand. “I took a DNA test / turns out I’m 100% that bitch”, start the rap”. The scene was memorable.

From then on, they revived songs from their 2016 album, such as good as hellwhile Truth Hurts He continued to climb the United States ranking slightly until he reached the top.

Lizzo remembers from time to time on her Instagram account that she is beautiful.  (@lizzobeeating)
Lizzo remembers from time to time on her Instagram account that she is beautiful. (@lizzobeeating)

In 2019, he sang for the first time at Coachella and did a live show at the Bet Awards. Time magazine, which had been watching her, named her Entertainer of the Year in 2019, as did Entertainment Weekly. In addition, the artist chosen for the covers of ‘Rolling Stone’, in the pre-Grammy issue of ‘Billboard’ and also in the British edition of ‘Vogue’. Likewise, Lizzo kicked off 2020 with a spectacular opening performance at the 62nd Grammy Awards, earning three awards, as well as being the most nominated artist of the year with nine nominations.

Whoever follows her on her Tik Tok or Instagram will have to get used to the fact that Lizzo’s butt is part of the landscape. Even in close-ups. She can be diving into a pool, or twerking in queue less. She loves her body and likes to show it off. Also upload “reminder” photos that she is beautiful. The singer is famous for being more naked than dressed, and even posed literally without any clothes, so she surprised with a clothing brand and also, that it is modeling clothes. She is called Yitty, as her nickname from her childhood.

Yitty proposes whole pieces of lycra in striking colors, short, long, tail less like hers, that fit and support the body well, among a wide range of garments. On social media she said it was “the biggest thing I’ve ever done.” And also controversial, because the fact that it is shapewear means that she does not fully accept bodies as they are. In any case, he wanted to clarify his intention: he does not intend to change the body of others, but the essence of modeling clothes.

Lizzo holding her much-desired awards at the 62nd Grammy Awards.  REUTERS/Monica Almeida
Lizzo holding her much-desired awards at the 62nd Grammy Awards. REUTERS/Monica Almeida

Lizzo thought of a shapewear that could be proudly advertised and feel like a hug. The kind of shapewear that if left on display anyone would be happy to show off and can even be worn bare. She wanted to call it clothes for her body, and since no one understood what she meant by that, she chose shapewear, although she was not very satisfied with the term.

“I paralleled the body positive movement for a long time, and people made my name synonymous with it, and I always say that body positivity belongs to the people who actually created it: black women, brown women,’ queer’ and big, my plus size girls,” she explained.

There is very little left for Lizzo to premiere her own documentary on HBO Max. About this announcement she said, “Growing up, I never dreamed that I would get to experience all the things that I have achieved in my life, and I am just getting started. I am so excited to be able to share and relive my journey,” she stated.


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