I’m a cancer dietitian — these two things increase cancer risk


Cancer prevention can start with your diet, according to an oncology dietitian.

Nichole Andrews, dietitian and author of the book Sugar Does Not Feed Cancer: The Complete Guide to Cancer Prevention Nutrition & Lifestyle, shared a video on TikTok revealing the two things that can increase your risk of developing cancer – and food and drink . This is not the case.

“Processed meats and alcohol, those are the only two that will increase the risk of consumption, of several different cancers, that’s it,” Andrews said in the video which has since garnered over 18,000 views since it was posted. a day ago.

Processed meats are a known carcinogen, according to a dietitian. Pixel-Shot –

Other cancer experts agree.

In 2015, the World Health Organization named processed meat a carcinogen.

Processed meats include ham, sausages, hot dogs, pepperoni and cold cuts like roast beef and turkey, according to the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center website.

“Research shows that eating processed meats like bacon and cold cuts may increase your risks of stomach and colorectal cancer,” said Lindsey Wohlford, MD Anderson Cancer Center employee wellness dietitian, on her blog. site.

Researchers aren’t sure why processed meat causes cancer, but they think it could be caused by nitrates and the high temperatures used during processing.

Alcohol is another known carcinogen.

“All alcoholic beverages, including red and white wine, beer and spirits, are linked to cancer. The more you drink, the higher your risk of cancer,” according to the CDC.

Alcohol increases the risk of cancer because unlike most foods, your body does not digest alcohol. Instead, your body breaks down alcohol into a chemical called acetaldehyde which damages the body’s DNA and prevents the body from repairing it.

Andrews said she’s been asked about “dozens of foods” and whether or not they cause cancer, and shared the most common ones she’s asked about that don’t.

Nichole Andrews shared common misconceptions about foods and their cancer risk. TikTok / @oncology.nutrition.rd
Alcohol consumption increases the risk of cancer, experts say. Adobe Stock

They include energy drinks, non-organic products, food coloring, diet soda, artificial sweeteners, eggs, dairy and gluten.

“I tell you this is based on decades of research…research all over the world with humans,” she explained.

The Post has reached out to the dietitian for comment.

Meat may increase the risk of colon cancer. CL-Médien –

Several commenters under his video asked him about cancer-causing foods.

“Is there a safe amount of processed meats? » » one person asked.

“No 😅,” she explained.

“Are we consuming too much processed meat or alcohol twice a week? Will this amount increase the risk? » another questioned.

“He will do your best!” » Andrews replied.

People also asked him what cancers were caused by meat and alcohol.

“Meat is colon cancer and alcohol is liver, breast, colon, mouth/throat/esophagus,” Andrews said.

Andrews says food coloring and energy drinks are not known to cause cancer, although the FDA has banned products like Red No.3 in cosmetics, due to unpublished animal research linking the product to cancer. the thyroid, the Washington Post reported.

Even if something doesn’t have a known cancer risk, that doesn’t mean it’s good for you.

Popular snacks and drinks, including energy drinks like Gatorade, could be banned in several US states as early as 2027 due to the presence of toxic additives in their ingredients.

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