Illinois governor’s office meets with Bears, calls their stadium proposal “a non-starter”

The Bears say having taxpayers pay for a significant portion of their proposed new stadium would benefit the state of Illinois. The Illinois governor’s office doesn’t believe it.

Top aides to Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker met with Bears officials Wednesday, and the governor’s office later issued a statement saying it did not support the Bears’ proposal.

“As the governor said, the current proposal is a failure for the state,” Press Secretary Alex Gough said in a statement after the meeting. “In order to subsidize a brand new stadium for a private sports team, the governor would need to see a demonstrable, tangible benefit to Illinois taxpayers. The Governor’s office remains open to conversations with the Bears, legislators and other stakeholders, with the understanding that responsible financial management of taxpayer dollars remains the top priority.

THE Bears want about $2.3 billion in taxpayer money for their proposed stadium project, which would include construction of the stadium itself and major renovations to the infrastructure surrounding the stadium. Chicago’s mayor supports the proposal, but without the governor’s support, the Bears face a very difficult task in making it happen.

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