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IGPN seized after a violent arrest in Marseille – RT in French

The IGPN was seized by a young couple violently arrested in Marseille after a police intervention for a clandestine party, a video of the scene having been broadcast by La Provence. The police have been reassigned.

An IGPN investigation was opened after the muscular police arrest, on the night of April 29 to 30, of a couple who participated in a clandestine party, reports this May 3 the prosecution quoted by AFP.

As shown in a video unveiled by Provence, a young man, who tried to escape the police by borrowing scaffolding, is finally arrested and repeatedly hit on the hood of a car, then pulled by the hair to the police vehicle where he is struck again.

His companion, who attends the scene in the presence of other guests, tries several times to defend himself while protesting against the methods of the police. Tired of her showing up, another police officer walks towards her several times to throw her violently to the ground while calling on her to leave the premises. While the young man is put in the unmarked police car, the companion receives a tear gas spray on the face before being also arrested.

Police reassigned pending the outcome of the investigation

The couple was taken into custody for 40 hours at the Noailles police station and then released with a simple reminder of the law. The prefecture of police has already announced that the two officials had been reassigned on a precautionary basis to functions not involving missions on the public highway pending the outcome of the investigation. The two officials accused the young man of contempt, rebellion and violence against the police, which he firmly denies.

In addition to the referral to the IGPN by the Marseille prosecutor’s office, an internal administrative investigation was opened by the Bouches-du-Rhône police headquarters.

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